Microsoft Cuts Surface Pro Tablet Price By $100

Surface Pro

Following the price cuts for Surface RT devices by $150 per unit, Microsoft has also reduced the price of Surface Pro devices by $100 today. The discounted price is now live in Microsoft Store online. Surface Pro unit with 128GB now costs $899.00, $100 down from the original price of $999.

Also the  which includes $309.99 down from the original price of $478.96.

Source: Microsoft

  • anujgoyal

    i actually saw it way before it was posted here. Anyways, is this price cut permanent? or temporary?

    • mikemag

      Should be permanent and will probably lower again as their new surface will be coming later this year

      • anujgoyal

        thanks, i was planing to order this as i need one right now, but wanted to wait for few days

  • theryangoodman

    confused about the surface pro bundle bit, can’t find that anywhere.

    • anujgoyal

      there is check box just below where it lists surface pro price, on

  • Taxin

    Is this US only, or will it be coming to the rest of the world as well ?

    • anujgoyal

      everywhere, across the world

  • Zicoz

    Nice way to try to sell out the remaining stock before the refresh, but I’ll still wait.

  • anujgoyal

    This is limited time offer, just got a tweet from them, its valid from August 4th to August 29, 2013

  • arrow2010

    The fire sale continues. Ballmer has to GO!

    • nohone

      The rumors are that new devices will be appearing shortly, by the end of the month or in early September. All device manufacturers reduce the price when the new ones are around the corner to flush out remaining stock. MacBook Airs, the new version with the brand new processors not the old ones, can easily be found for $100 off. But would you dare call Apple a failure? Are you asking for Tiny Tim’s resignation?
      Just another of your attempts to try to drum up controversy and grab a little attention for yourself.

      • Cspk

        The difference is that Apple makes money on Macs. Microsoft, by all means has lost a lot of money on Surface computers.

        • nohone

          How much? What were the exact figures to probe this? See, this is the hypocrisy behind the Apple apologist. They demand exact number of Surface Pro vs. Surface RT. They demand the breakdown the number of Win8 Pro vs. Home vs. RT vs. upgrades. They demand to know how many people downgraded to Win7. They demand to know how many were returned. They demand to know how many licenses were never sold.

          But then Apple puts down a number of Macs sold, with 200,000 fewer YOY, and nobody asks for a breakdown, we just see people like you claim “well they made money.” How much did they make from Airs vs. desktop vs. laptops? How much did they make from the 11″ Air vs. the 13″ Air? How much did they make before this fire sale on the Air, where they have to drop the price on a 2 month old product with the newest chips just to sell a few more?

          When there are fewer iOS phones sold per quarter vs. Android phones sold per quarter, then it is supposedly a good sign for Apple because it is just one vendor vs. many. But when Microsoft sells fewer Surface than iPads, it spells doom for Microsoft. We cannot consider that there have been, from the last number given, more than 100M Win8 licenses sold. But we are not allowed to compare those numbers to the number of Macs in use. A year ago, Tiny Tim said that there were 30 million Macs in use, but when there are 3 times more Win8 users (in less than a year vs. 30 years), Win8 is supposedly a failure. When comparing numbers, you can’t compare the seller of one iOS phone to many Android phones, but you can compare the number of iOS tablets to one vendor, because that makes Apple look better.

          And of course we have some on this web site (one individual in particular) that like to claim that Apple is a huge success because the number of iPads dropped 14% YOY. They like to claim that because it is near the end of life of the current version, then it of course will decrease in sales. But yet, when Microsoft is taking actions because their current version is reaching the end of life with a new one to be sold shortly, then it is supposedly more proof of a failing product. And speaking of iPads, where is the exact breakdown of iPad vs. iPad Mini, 16GB vs. 32GB vs. 64GB. vs. 128GB? We demand to know how much Apple made from each individual version.

          Where were the “it is a fail” claims when Apple took a charge because they reduced the price of the original iPhone? The iPhone was initially introduced at $499/$599, but then lopped off $100 and took a charge because the sales were so abysmal. But everyone conveniently forgets about that. When Microsoft takes a charge because they drop the price $100, well, we know the story that people put out there.

          It is all about twisting the arguments, the facts, and applying one standard to Apple and a different standard to everyone else, all to make sure that Apple looks good.

  • Windows 8

    Arrgghh !! It is not even launched here and there is a new one coming and this has got a price reduction !! I am missing this..

    Why does Microsoft launch these all over the world..

    On the contrary, this is sure sign that a new Surface 2 Pro is coming..

    Maybe that will see a worldwide launch..

    Please for our sake MS learn this lesson.