Microsoft Demos Skype For Windows 8, Looks Awesome

Microsoft today detailed the upcoming Skype for Windows 8 app. Skype for Windows 8 app will be released in Windows Store along with Windows 8 launch on Oct-26th. Skype for Windows 8 is fast, fluid and designed for Windows 8. You’ll be able to receive voice and video calls and chats even if you’ve navigated away to another app or to the desktop, enabling you to stay more connected with your contacts whatever you’re doing.  Skype for Windows 8 will notify you about new calls and instant messages so you’ll always know when someone is contacting you.

It has integration with people hub, you can even snap the Skype app and access apps while you are communicating.

Read more about this app here.

  • Greg Edwards

    If you’re close to a Best Buy retailer that has their Windows 8 demo devices already in the store, then you can try it for yourself right now. At least an app preview version. I played with it last week and found it to be a bit rough around the edges. Maybe the final final final version will be more feature complete.

    • alukard

      Release preview is FAAAAAAAAAAAR from final code you will see on the 26th so hold your horses. The store only has 100 preview apps whereas the final version has 5000+ apps.

    • blackhawk556

      are you sure it wasn’t the final version? How can we be sure it is the Preview version and not the RTM version?

  • jabtano

    I agree it looks awesome. I have three laptops here running vista and win7 this machine my main rig..All of them now are running preview win8 must admit at first I hated it now I could not use anything else though my one beef is with IE10 start page everything is a big mesh I like having my favorites in folders broken down not all clustered that is the one thing I just can not get use to at all…