Microsoft Details 10 Key Features For Business In Windows 8

Microsoft today posted the Windows 8 Consumer Preview Product Guide for Business. This 16 page long document provides a detailed guide to the new and improved features in Windows 8 including AppLocker, BitLocker, Windows To Go, measured boot, and Client Hyper-V.

Here is the description given from Microsoft,

The Windows 8 Consumer Preview Product Guide for Business provides a detailed look at the many new and improved features in Windows 8. The guide is designed as an accurate source of information that can help businesses understand how Windows 8 enables users to be ready and productive practically anywhere, allows for a personalized user experience, and provides IT with more secure, easy-to-manage intelligent infrastructure.

You can download the document here.

  • Anonymous

    great but…

    got to FIX THE DESKTOP EXERIENCE!! The Metro touch stuff is cool, a little
    quirky, but forward thinking. #congratsmicrosoft. However, as the manager of
    7000 desktops in a corp environment I am freaking out about the direction the
    desktop with keyboard and mouse is going. It is a complete regression since
    Win8 developer preview. If they don’t get this cleaned up and fixed then Win8
    will be another Vista flop in the corporate world. Let me say that again…
    WIN8 WILL BE ANOTHER VISTA I could write a small book on the issues here.

    My users range from tech savvy to plant workers and truck drivers. Like all of
    us, the start button is baked into our DNA. Heck, it evens makes sense to us to
    click start in order to shutdown. If you don’t know where to go, click on
    “START” and all your problems are solved. What once took one click,
    now takes some mouse gymnastics to hover in that weird 1/4 inch area next to
    the clock that used to be show desktop. (try hovering there with multiple
    monitors — talk about extreme dexterity). Once you hover, then the magical
    charms appear on the right side of the primary screen. Now you see a familiar
    looking start button, but SURPRISE!!! It doesn’t take you to “all
    programs” — it takes you to the touch optimized Metro start screen. Talk
    about poor decision making.

    Trying shutting your computer down with a mouse.
    Try launching a CMD prompt.
    How can I make the desktop the default UI? I’m not going to deploy the metro UI
    to my users as the default screen. I would rather deploy a slew of ipads and
    I’m no ipad fan that is for sure.
    How do you pin a program to your task bar now?

    ..and WHY isn’t the trashcan on the start bar? Having it as a desktop icon has
    never made sense because you have to move windows around just to get to it.

    If my
    users are going to be forced to learn a brand new UI, then maybe they should
    learn OSX or even iOS.


    frustrated right now.