Microsoft Details Calendar App In Windows 8

As part of the series of blog posts explaining the apps that will come as a part of the Windows 8, Microsoft today detailed the new Calendar app. The new Calendar app is a great example of Metro-style app done right. Its simple, easy and effective to use. The app was designed with the following in mind,

  • Show your life clearly. You should have crystal clear visibility into what’s happening in your life – at home, at work, and at school.
  • Make it easy to get around. Moving back and forth in time should be quick and efficient. Opening events and appointments should feel natural.
  • Make it easy to add new items. New things are always coming up in your life. A great calendar makes it easy to make new plans.
  • Keep you on time. Well laid plans aren’t very useful if you show up late! Smile
  • Be ready to do more. As you get busier, scheduling gets more complicated. Calendar should gracefully handle your needs as they change.

 To enable all the above, Microsoft has implemented multiple views such as week, month, day for your calendar, simple gestures to navigate to next month, clean design, support for Windows 8 notifications, support for Windows 8 snapped view, ability to add events, etc,.

Read more about it in detail from Building Windows 8 blog.

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  • Anonymous

    The calendar app is one of the more useful and clean looking apps in Windows 8. Excellent work Microsoft!

  • James

    I wish they allowed us to choose the calendar colours and have the hotmail charm icons! :(

    • Ryan T

      Read the referenced article from Building Windows 8 Blog. You CAN choose the colors of calendar items. Hotmail icons on the other hand is a no go, but they will likely import as their own color.

  • Oliver Mills

    Anyone have any thoughts on how much Windows 8 tablets will cost? I’m hoping not too much or they won’t succeed as planned. Read my thoughts here: