Microsoft Details Enterprise Management Support In Windows On ARM (Windows RT)

Microsoft today detailed the support for Enterprise management in Windows On ARM devices. Windows on ARM or Windows RT based PCs/tablets won’t be able to run native code apps written by 3rd party vendors, instead it will rely on Windows Store or WinRT-based applications. But Microsoft has built Windows RT with industry-leading management capabilities that support BYO or company-deployed WOA PCs.

Also you can allows WOA PC’s to join the management infrastructure and also configure a set of policies for the following,

  • Allow Convenience Logon
  • Maximum Failed Password Attempts
  • Maximum Inactivity Time Lock
  • Minimum Device Password Complex Characters
  • Minimum Password Length
  • Password Enabled

Read more on it here. 

  • Password Expiration
  • Password History
  • the person

    does it allow the device to join the domain?

    • Anonymous

      Doubtful.  That’s a feature of Win8 Pro I believe.  Looks like this stuff works through an alternate set of applications.

    • Emi Cyberschreiber

      the table says no. its Windows 8 and Windows RT with almost the same features. and then Windows 8 Pro with stuff like join the domain

    • CX1

      Apparently enterprise users prefer larger tablets with less battery life.