Microsoft Details Fast Boot Experience On Windows 8

Microsoft has today detailed the new improved boot experience coming to Windows 8 later this year. Windows 8 will feature modernized and touch-enabled core boot loader and the boot will be very fast as well. Here are the things they did in this release,

  • We pulled together all the options into a single menu – the boot options menu – that has all the troubleshooting tools, the developer-focused options for Windows startup, methods for accessing the firmware’s BIOS setup, and a straightforward method for booting to alternate devices such as USB drives.
  • We created failover behaviors that automatically bring up the boot options menu (in a highly robust and validated environment) whenever there is a problem that would keep the PC from booting successfully into Windows.
  • Finally, we created several straightforward methods to easily reach the boot options menu, even when nothing is wrong with Windows or boot. Instead of these menus and options being “interrupt-driven,” they are triggered in an intentional way that is much easier to accomplish successfully.

You can read more about this experience at Building Windows 8 blog.

  • WixosTrix

    Nice work.

  • Steven

    What model system was this demo run on?

  • big_Stefano

    That’s looks like a Samsung Slate PC.

  • Cheron Bruce

    what if you don’t have a keyboard handy to hold shift and you’re on a tablet?

    • J A

      Then I guess you should be able to tap in the password textbox to display the on-screen keyboard to perform this task, hopefully.

    • Anonymous

      Did you actually watch the video? There is a gesture based process and a keyboard (wireless keyboard mind you which actually would work on a tablet also) based one.

      Are tablets that do not work seemlessly with and without a keyboard going to be tolerated in the future? I mean why should I have to carry 2 separate devices to achieve productivity and entertainment?

      • Cheron Bruce

        Did you actually watch the video? The gesture based process required you to go into the PC Settings menu (you’re already logged in).

        As for your question, you shouldn’t have to and you don’t. I am working just fine with both productivity and entertainment on my W8 CP tablet without the keyboard.

        • Anonymous

          I am sorry I don’t follow. Your original comment was about not having a keyboard to hold shift. If you want to access this feature from a keyboardless operation you need to be logged in, yes.

          If you’re proposing accessing this feature in pre-boot mode using gestures then I would have to question the point. It could add complexities and create unnecessary support scenarios. You have to think of the common denominator here not the very very very few who might want to access this feature and feel going through the GUI in a gesture based UX is too much.

          If I still missed your point then please try to elaborate.

  • Anonymous

    Very nice. I’ve been using win8 as my stand alone OS enjoying it.

  • Smity Smiter

    Couldn’t find the “Hibernate” option, untill I tried Alt+F4 from desktop, which brought the old shutdown pop-up window.