Microsoft Details Improved Skype Experience In Windows 8.1

Skype for Windows 8.1

Microsoft today detailed the upcoming Skype experience in Windows 8.1. Skype app will come pre-installed in all Windows 8.1 devices and it allows users to have free text, audio and video chat among users. Apart from the Skpye’s own capabilities, Skype team has made the app to take advantage of all the new Windows 8.1 platform features. Skype team worked closely with Windows engineering team to make sure Skype was seamlessly integrated with Windows 8.1. For example, new to Windows 8.1, users can answer an incoming Skype call from their lock screen, launch apps side-by-side with Skype and scale to the size of your device.

Being part of Microsoft has opened up doors and increased collaboration and innovation across products. With Windows, we had a unique seat at the table to help inform the product from the ground up. One such example is the ability for users to answer Skype calls from their lock screen. This was a shift from Windows 8, where applications couldn’t really do anything when the device was locked. However, the Windows team introduced a new toast model for VoIP applications that allows users to answer the call using video, answer with voice only or ignore the call completely. We worked to make sure the transition from locked call to unlocked device was smooth and secure. We made sure that when users input their password while inside a Skype call, they’d move from this state of running over a locked screen to the complete operating environment. I think you’ll be pleased with how intuitive the experience feels and it will be fun to watch other apps take advantage of this functionality.

The lock screen and other great features on Windows 8.1 like app-to-app launching and new screen size support steamed from our teams coming together to address user needs. With app-to-app launching, we made multitasking even easier. Now Skype users can not only share the screen with other apps but open another app (the browser, a picture, an Office document, etc.) and have it snap to the side of Skype. As Windows 8.1 reaches more and more products we realized the Skype client needed to automatically adjust the size and layout of the devise. With the help of the Windows team we created an application that intuitively changes based on the aspect ratio and orientation of the devices’ screen.

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Source: Windows Blog

  • ZappyKins

    Skype seems like it finally gives the video phone we were expecting from the movie 2001.

  • reKitab

    Typo? “…steamed from our teams coming together to address user needs…”!?!?
    Stemmed from…

  • Drewidian

    I can’t wait to group Skype with my family who are all getting Xbox Ones to put in their living rooms. My kids are always wanting to talk with their cousins who live in England, California, and New York. Now if they snap Skype to the side on the TV they will be able to play games and have a conversation at the same time. Its an exciting time.