Microsoft Details Internet Explorer 10 Improvements In Windows 8 Release Preview

This video shows some of the performance and touch improvements in the sixth IE10 Platform Preview, part of the Windows Release Preview.

Microsoft detailed the improvements in Internet Explorer 10 included in Windows 8 Release Preview. This  6th Platform Preview release of IE10 comes with improved performance. Now IE10 supports touch-first HTML5 and also a new power-optimized, touch-friendly Adobe Flash Player that enables content on compatible Web sites to play in the Metro style Web browser. Microsoft worked with Adobe to include the previous feature. Also, now Internet Explorer 10 has made the “Do Not Track” feature as a default option to help consumers protect their privacy.

Read more at IE blog.

  • Naga Harish M

    Wow! Windows 8 and IE 10 rocks

  • George Birbilis

    hope it supports Silverlight too in the metro mode of IE browser

  • George Birbilis

    also seems to say that Flash doesn’t work in Metro mode. They should decide which of the two contradicting information are accurate

  • toohats

    Bravo! for the ‘Do Not Track’ being on by default.  It think all those sorts of things should be ‘opt in.’ 

  • Anonymous