Microsoft Details Internet Explorer 11 Features In Windows 8.1

Microsoft detailed the features of Internet Explorer 11 in Windows 8.1. IE11 delivers a browsing experience that feels fast, fluid and perfect for touch with many tabs, richer suggestions, organized favorites and side-by-side experiences for comparing sites and using sites with Windows Store apps together.

They now support up to 100 open tabs and tabs that haven’t been used recently won’t use your system resources or drain your battery. The tabs are synced across Windows 8.1 devices, favorites are synced as well.

Read all the new features from the link below.
Source: IE blog


  • JNate

    Now where is that password manager? What’s taking so long to integrate one that could sink across all devices including Windows Phones?
    100 tabs, good to know even though I’m a heavy user and that I won’t reach that much, but there are other more useful features they really should work on asap, been said many times

    • Haha

      Password manager is actually built into windows.
      Yes the integration across all devices is coming with IE11 in November this year. But I’m sick of waiting just like everybody else. You’re not alone.

      • JNate

        I wouldn’t call internet explorer 10’s password manager as one. It’s poorly built, unintuitive and hard to access.

  • Yuan Taizong

    Great improvements, but I hope that I’ll get my lost Favicons from I.E. 10 back.

  • Wtechrover

    Using IE11 allready on my Surface RT :)

    • Yuan Taizong

      I can’t wait for the R.T.M.

  • Yuan Taizong

    There are a few missing features I hope to see, most notably an on-line app strore, or web-app store as Google Chrome has, Internet Explorer has the chance to beat Google Chrome if it would expend its audience.

    Internet Explorer is not downloadable on the iPhone, neither on Android, tab synchronization across devices including non-Microsoft devices would be a better step forward than only across Windows (8) and Windows R.T. (and maybe Windows Phone), Google Chrome has this strenght as it is a full Cloud-browser, the same count for most of Opera’s browsers and Mozilla Firefox, which are all cross-platform clouds, as pro-Microsoft as I am, I must admit that Microsoft’s browser still has to catch up in that area, Microsoft SkyDrive must have better integration with Internet Explorer, as does iCloud with Safari.

    Internet Explorer should also be able to Cloud synchronize between desktop and Windows RunTime, this would easily make the transition from one to the other more smoothe and seamless, and most people prefer Internet Explorer on the Desktop, + it’s also the ONLY Internet Explorer on Windows 7 (and earlier) thus having Cloud-integration (stand-alone or via Microsoft SkyDrive) will make migrating from Windows 7 to Windows 8 much easier.

    For some reason, internet Explorer can’t take much, if you watch too many YouTube video’s it won’t display any favicons anyome (at-least mine did, both Desktop and Windows RunTime won’t show them), and the ability to pin favicons is what makes Internet Explorer better than other browsers, without this, it’s just another D-list browser, although it is faster and safer than the rest, its past and negative name has made it impossible to get of that list.

    It could see better integration with other applications, but from what I’ve seen, that’s in the works, especially with Xbox Music and Bing.

  • Bruce

    IE11 randomly freezes when visiting some websites on my laptop. It’s a fresh install, no AV, ActiveX filtering enabled, and it has a Intel mobile express 4 graphics. I hope it’s fixed before launch.

  • freshfelicio

    Why is the App version so much better than the desktop version?!

  • OldGeek59

    Plagued with problems. Installed on Windows 7 x64. Half the websites I use with SSL would not work correctly with IE 11 – online banking, credit cards, etc… Setting compatibility mode resulted in about a third of the websites not rendering correctly. Some websites it would disable javascript and others would crash, others would freeze for a few moments. I finally uninstalled it and do not plan on using IE 11 again. IE 10 and Chrome all work fine with all the websites.