Microsoft Details Internet Explorer 11 In Windows 8.1

Internet Explorer 11 Windows 8.1

Microsoft yesterday posted another blog post in the “Right from the Start” blog series highlighting the apps and services of Windows 8.1. This blog post covered Internet Explorer 11 web browser and its features.

Read the full list of features below.

IE11 is perfect for touch on your Windows 8.1 tablet

IE11 makes many improvements to the way you interact with the sites you visit every day. If you are like me you use your PC at work, at home and on the road. A ton of what I do is online from checking out articles, to banking, reading and keeping up with news and social sites. For me that means I need a browser that can be my full time browser on my touch device. IE11 is built to be the best browser no matter the task:

As many tabs as you want: Up to 100 tabs per window and faster switching with tabs that are there when you need them, out of your way when you don’t means that all my favorite sites are just a swipe away. Responding to feedback from our users, IE11 has a new option to always show your tabs and address bar for faster, easier access whether you are browsing with a touch or keyboard and mouse.

Live tile sites on the Windows 8.1 Start Screen: With Windows 8.1, your pinned sites can now be alive with activity, pulling data directly from the websites RSS feed so your Start screen is updated with the latest posts, scores or stocks – information from the Web right on your Start screen.

Side-by-side browsing: When you click a link from the Mail app or launch an article from the Reading List app IE is automatically arranged side-by-side. You can check a map while reading directions to a friend’s house. And whether you are using a small device or a large one, you can see two things at once on the web by opening multiple windows of IE side-by-side. Easily compare two sites at once or use two sites together by launching multiple, full-featured windows of IE11.

IE calling: IE11 automatically detects and highlights phone numbers on a page. When you see a phone number, just tap on it and begin your call right next to your webpage using a calling app like Skype or Lync. It’s incredibly useful when you are making a reservation or appointment right from a webpage.

More beautiful, touchable favorites: Full support for Favorite sites with folders and custom tile pictures that are more personal and always stays in sync with the desktop and across all your Windows 8.1 PCs.

Your sites first: The most important part of the screen is available for your sites with a single, unified interface with tabs and address bar at the bottom optimized for fast access and touch.

Reading View: IE11 also brings Reading View, which displays text from the Web in a beautiful, full-screen view within the browser. Making sitting back with your Windows 8.1 tablet and reading easy and enjoyable.

A consistent browsing experience across your devices: And because you expect to be able to continue the browsing you do from one Windows device to the next, IE11 adds support for accessing tabs open across your devices, kept in sync through the cloud with SkyDrive. As you move between your Windows devices, your open tabs, favorites, history, user names/passwords, and more are always up to date and under your control.

Building the best browser for touch

With Windows 8 and IE10, we set out to build the world’s best touch browser. Internet Explorer 11 continues that direction by introducing new touch features and improving existing features to provide the best touch experience yet.

Touch responsiveness and battery life on Windows devices: IE11 produces “stick to your finger” touch responsiveness by using the whole PC to process gestures such as panning, zooming, and swiping. Also using the entire PC – and specifically the GPU – allows us to offload intensive tasks like image decoding so we can improve battery life and keep your CPU free to render page elements. For you this means IE11 makes browsing fast and fluid by prioritizing work and by pre-fetching content in the background so pages load almost instantaneously.

Touch optimized address bar: Get to your most frequently used sites quickly, always fresh and up to date with the browsing you do across all your devices. Typing is faster with site suggestions, including direct links to site sections, Bing search suggestions, and suggested Windows Store apps. You can even get instant answers for weather and stock prices from the address bar.

Enabling the Next Generation of Great Websites

We optimized the IE11 browsing engine for the sites you visit every day to be both fast and highly responsive to touch. IE11 also gives developers tools to build the next generation of great websites with tools like professional-quality Web video, and hyper-fast 2D and 3D Web technologies that make the most of the underlying hardware. Last week we launched Hover, a great example of how you can bring a PC game to the web by using a modern browser like IE11 that delivers fast and responsive app-like performance. IE11 supports real world standards and compatibility, and new F12 developer tools enable developers to build high-performance Web experiences on Windows devices.

Some of the key ways that Windows 8.1 provides the best stage for the web while enabling new 3D, gaming, and media experiences:

Hardware-accelerated 3D Web graphics. Interoperable WebGL experiences run on all devices, taking advantage of GPU acceleration. With IE11, the web is more alive than ever with immersive 3D experiences that can access your device’s orientation to create new interactive experiences on the web.

The existing Web continues to work – even better: IE11 is interoperable with existing sites, which just run faster and look better in IE. Of course, corporate intranet and legacy sites and apps continue to run in IE11, which supports Compatibility View.

Enable professional-quality video experiences on the Web. IE11 supports plugin-free HTML5 video with the latest standards for closed captioning, streaming that adapts to available network bandwidth, and rights management. Power-efficient video streaming in Windows 8.1 also extends battery life for Web video. When you download and install Windows 8.1 for instance, you can visit Netflix and watch your favorite movies and TV shows using HTML5 without the need to install any plugins.

Source: Windows Blog

  • francis

    I am waiting…..

    • Guest

      Me too. Loaded the RTM over the weekend but couldn’t activate it (probably because my license is a W8 u/g) and it’s wasn’t working 100% anyway. So now I’m back to waiting for the official upgrade.

  • b4rtw

    I am waiting for the first douchebag to claim he/she needs more than 100 tabs

    • Bloob

      I do, but not per window.

    • Yuan Taizong

      I’ve arrived.

      • b4rtw
    • Croc Ography

      No but I want IE to remember my tabs for the first time if it closes and reopen with them!

  • Liberal Republic

    Can it detect addresses? Or do I have to resort to copy and paste. All accelerators should be there in metro IE.

    • kullkid92

      I cannot believe its taken them so long to implement the Accelerators. It’s one of those features no one talks about unique to IE, but I USE IT EVERYDAY.
      It is so awesome to highlight a text and just be one click away from Bing searching it for you :)

      • Liberal Republic

        I wonder if there are many like us who use the accelerators all the time. I use it heavily for maps, and directions.

  • reKitab

    IE11 for win7 is is:)

    • Yuan Taizong

      Internet Explorer remains the best on the Desktop, and now also on Touch.

      • reKitab

        IE10 on Win7 is my main browser, but IE11 on Win7 is is:) I’ll wait until it’s done before I try it again.

  • kain0m

    So, the question is: Did they fix the hover-issue? You know, where websites that require a mouseover for navigation become useless on touchscreen because the menus close instantly when you lift your finger…

    • nohone

      Microsoft developed a touch API called Pointer Events that is currently in the last stages of the W3C. This problem is not specific to Microsoft, but also happens in FF and Safari on touch devices, and is caused because there is no distinction between a hover and tap/hold when using a finger.

      • kain0m

        I know, but still – there would be ways to fix it. Like a semi-long press making the “pointer” stay there until the next touch. Sadly, many websites have workarounds based on the UA – so they “fixed” their websites for the iPad, but not for windows tablets…
        And there will be “decent” amount of time passing between the standardization of pointer events and their broad introduction on websites… Web devs like to work with the very old stuff.

        • nohone

          The problem is introducing a completely new way of the user interacting with the web would take much, much longer to do than to rewrite the web pages to the new standard. And I disagree with devs like to work with the very old stuff – ask a web dev what they think of IE6.

          • kain0m

            fair enough, but IE6 is ancient in terms of Internet :) What I meant is that new standards like HTML5 are quite slow in their spread. And a simple long press isn’t that hard to learn, especially with smartphones and tablets this is a rather usual gesture.

  • Yuan Taizong

    These new features are awesome, side-by-side browsing and the touch-optimized features will probably convert me to 100% Internet Explorer, I still can’t forgive Microsoft for Internet Explorer 6, but I’ll learn to live with the horrible traumatic experiences that the logo and name will bring to my mind :’-(

  • Rico Alexander

    Hope there is another update. Still some annoying bugs with the version in RTM. Videos that would play in windows 8, for example, at no longer work. And certain popup links never load for example at

  • tomakali

    Im just curious…
    Why not Microsoft buy Opera, UC Browser and whatever best out there except chrome,firefox etc
    and release all browsers bundled in Windows?
    if users wants choice let them have it…
    IE,Opera,and more…

  • tomakali

    Ok, Sorry… this will sound insane… and against Microsoft’s ethics…

    still, it would be fair in my opinion to run ads on unlicensed/pirated versions of Windows OS[as attached]

  • tomakali

    Ok, Sorry… this will sound insane… and against Microsoft’s ethics…

    still, it would be fair in my opinion to run ads on unlicensed/pirated versions of Windows OS[as attached] .