Microsoft Details Language Support In Windows 8

Today Microsoft detailed the language support coming in Windows 8. Windows is always known for its international support and localization, now Windows 8 is further improving the experience.

The following are coming in Windows 8,

  • Enabling more users than ever to install additional languages on their Windows PCs and switch between them.
  • Building a Language preferences area in Control Panel that is an easy-to-use central location for all display languages.
  • Making significant additions to our language list by adding one standalone language and 13 Language Interface Packs (LIPs).

Recently Apple announced that they have added Chinese language support in Mac OS X Mountain Lion. Here is the no.of languages supported in Windows 8,

Microsoft will continue to be a market leader in language support with an additional 14 new display languages for Windows 8, bringing the total to 109 languages. (For reference, here are the 95 languages in which Windows 7 is currently available). With these additional languages, Windows will provide a native language version of Windows for over 4.5 billion people.

Read more at B8 blog.

  • Anonymous

    that’s what i like about Microsoft Global support 

  • Kkyy18

    “Windows is always known for its international support and localization…”?

    really? i can still remember the time i have to reinstall winxp for fully localised copy, and to flash a new ROM just to get my native language support…
    actually this should be done 10 years ago to Windows XP and WindowsMobile. Linux can do this long long time ago… only until now MS recognise this and do it to Win8 and WP7..
    but anyway, its still better than none… good job