Microsoft Details Mail App In Windows 8

Microsoft today detailed the new Mail app that will come with Windows 8. The new Mail app designed for Windows 8 allows us to manage all our emails at one place. The new mail app comes with support for the following,

  • Multiple Accounts
  • Folders
  • Commands – Support  for both touch, keyboard & mouse.
  • Reading Pane
  • Windows 8 Snap View
  • Windows 8 Live Tiles
  • Windows 8 Notifications
  • Windows 8 Secondary Tiles
  • Windows 8 Print Contract
  • Windows 8 Share Contract
  • Windows 8 Lock Screen Notifications

Similar to the People hub which Microsoft detailed yesterday, Mail app is de-coupled from the Windows OS and you will see updates for the app often.

You can read more about them at Building Windows 8 blog.

  • Anonymous

    Still no comment on the ability to use IMAP/POP3 email accounts.  Disappointing.

    • Manu Narayan

      I didn’t realize anyone still used imap or pop…

      • rsgx

        Kidding, right?

    • Brandon

      exactly. where is the IMAP/POP3 support… srsly.

      • London Insomniac

         Quote: “Don’t worry, support for other protocols, such as IMAP, are on the way.” (sic)

  • Anonymous

    You also can’t right click on a link, and the rich text support SUCKS. Combined with no POP3 or IMAP and this is USELESS.

    • Anonymous

      If you read the article, you would have read that POP3 and IMAP support is coming. Also, you can right click on hyperlinks if you highlight them.  As for Rich Text Support, I’ve never really used that.

  • The Muffin Man

    Folks, this is the basic mail app. Anyone serious about email will be using Outlook or some full-featured app. MS is not going to give away the farm on this. For a free, included app, it’s good enough. Stop bitching.

    • Brandon

      right, so they’ll take this app and make it have LESS functionality than their already free Live Essentials “Mail” client? I see that REALLY getting the ball rolling in Metro UI’s favor (/sarcasm)

      clearly you don’t realize what MS already offers for free. The point is to have at least that going forward.

    • sdkeller72

      Every email client I’ve ever used has supported POP3 mail. If they think this is going to make us run out and buy Outlook their out of their minds. Just another useless Metro app that should be uninstalled from every Windows 8 machine.

  • Anonymous

    I think its ok for basic e-mail functionality. I use the mail APP daily over Outlook because I can snap it. Outlook takes up way to much space.

    Microsoft if you are listening please add toasts notifications. Sometimes I will be working on my desktop and using the messaging APP and I forget about mail. 10 minutes later I open up the Mail App and bam 10 new e-mails. As a user we need better toasts notifications whether its every e-mail or every 5 e-mails we need to be notified better to work more efficiently.

    • Anonymous

      They added toast notifications in the Consumer preview, you just need to go to the settings to turn them on.

  • suNiL

    Great!!! waiting for windows 8, hopes will get more good news in monday’s press conference 

  • Anonymous

    I presume this is different than Outlook?

    Well, maybe the question is more what will the finished product be? (will windows come with this and then there is an outlook option still?)

    My complaint is:  I don’t want to end up having a bazillion apps on my computer.

    I want 1 email app.
    I want 1 word app.
    I want 1 excel app.
    I want 1 powerpoint app.
    I want 1 xBox live app.
    I want 1 music app.
    you get the point.

    I like Windows 8, but I don’t want to have 1 metro internet explorer and 1 regular internet explorer.

    I wish there was a way to fuse both into one.

  • markiz

    Hopefully they will make emails “dragable”, ala as in the hotmail webapp. Having to right click, pick a command and pick a folder is too much of a job when it could have been done much better.