Microsoft Details Media Experience In Windows 8

Microsoft today detailed its new improved media experience in Windows 8. Microsoft has improved its media experience in Windows 8 right from the codec support to UI of the media players. Microsoft designed this media experience with the following in mind,

  • Maximize performance. We wanted media playback to be fast and responsive, enabling the full power of the hardware while maximizing battery life on each PC.
  • Simplify development and extensibility. We wanted to provide a platform that could be easily extended and tailored for a given application, setting the stage for innovative custom media apps on Windows.
  • Enable a breadth of scenarios. A high performance, high efficiency, extensible platform can then enable a wide range of music, video, communications, and other multimedia apps.

I think we should be able to enjoy fluid and rich media experience on Windows 8 devices without compromising battery life.

Read more at Building Windows 8 blog.

  • sarkis chamelian

    Whats with the TINY ICONS…..seriously, you need to sort that out…. SKYPE, WORD, EXCEL etc need to be like the IE and Sky drive base icons. it doesnt look right :(    but love the OS !!

    • Thomas Bundgaard

      I’m guessing it’s to differentiate. “Tiny” icons are desktop-apps, while the “large” icons are Metro-apps.

      I do agree witih you though :)

  • Anonymous

    what’s the shortcutkey for volume menu they are showing in the video. Idont have a volume button on my old keyboard.

  • Anonymous

    I tried to read most of it and the feedback comments but couldn’t find an answer to this

    There appears to be no support for dvr-ms or the newer wtv from windows media centre!?
    Also does this / windows still support TV from the standard aerial input cards such as the Hauppauge cards etc.
    Lastly, are the media centre extenders supported (apart from Xbox) i.e. Linksys DMA 200 ?

    If it doesn’t accept TV input other than over the internet or I have to go and buy new DLNA compliant TV’s then I will be sticking with my lovely W7 PC which syncs with WP7 through Zune just perfect and plays via my Linksys media centre extender to our Plasma screen.

    • Smity Smiter

      It’s best you stick with your Windows 7 PC and plan for an upgrade 2013 fall :)