Microsoft Details New Reading Mode In Word 2013

Microsoft Word 2013 team today detailed the new Reading Mode experience in upcoming version of Office. The team had following in mind before designing this new experience,

  • Incorporate the goodness from traditional paper reading
  • Embrace technology where it improves the experience
  • Keep a laser focus on the core scenario

Several new features such as custom page colors, options for new layout, Resume Reading, Reading Indicator an more are added in this version of Word.

Read more at Office blog.

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  • kfred

    This is nice. Now Microsoft just needs to include a feature to invoke the Word reading mode from IE 10, so that we can easily read webpages converted into text, like Reader in Safari–and add a universal Oxford dictionary, again, like in iOS–and I will happily buy a Win 8 tablet.

    Unfortunately, until Microsoft reveals those two features, I will be stuck on iOS.