Microsoft Details Next-Gen Hotmail Service


Microsoft today detailed the upcoming changes to Hotmail Wave 5 update in an event held in US. Following are some of the features, the new Hotmail which will roll out from today will have,

1) Categories / Labelling system:

Finally you will be able to label group of messages/senders into a category. You can make a category for newsletters for example.

2) Instant Actions pane :

This will appear next to each message when you hover over that allows you to perform various actions such as sweep, delete,etc.

3) Flagging:

Similar to Outlook now users can flag messages.

4) Sweep schedule:

You can now sweep folders such as “clean all messages older than 10 days” ,etc.

5) Improved SkyDrive integration in sending attachments and more.

You can find more about them with screenshots of each features here and here.

  • Sebubs

    How is this news? I’ve been having these features for months now…

  • Sergey Durnov


  • MB

    And there is still no IMAP…this is why i switched and until this feature is implemented i will use gmail…maybe i will stay there even when it comes…

    Well done…

    • Bnlf

      why you need imap when you can use it as exchange server? every mobile phone / tablet in the market supports exchange server and prolly most email clients as well.

      • MB

        But i cant use this on a desktop client like outlook, thunderbirs, etc. cause hotmail just supports the active sync protocol for mobile devices, but not for desktop clients…

        • TheTech

          Thats not true. There is a hotmail connector for Outlook and Windows Live Mail. The Outlook hotmail connector allows hotmail to sync everything you would if it were exchange. (Not sure about “thunderbirs” though)