Microsoft Details People App In Windows 8

Microsoft today detailed the new People app coming with Windows 8 OS. The new People app is similar to the People Hub in Windows Phone devices where you can connect all your online services in one place. You can even link them for better access. They have designed the app with following principles,

  • Complete & Connected – All your personal and work contacts are there, alive with their social activities and photos, letting you instantly engage and react to them. Data syncs from your email and social accounts rather than getting this info from a one-time import, and you get a simple unified contact card for each person, regardless of how many versions of their contact info you have from different accounts.
  • Designed for Windows 8 – On modern devices the address book is a core part of the overall experience, therefore it is important to design it with the whole system in mind. The People app follows Metro style design principles so it is fast and fluid, and it works together with all your other apps through the Share and Picker contracts.
  • Cloud-powered – your contacts and settings are effortlessly backed up, so “they just work” when you sign in from a new device, or even from the web. And when you pin a contact to your Start screen, the live tile lights up with real-time notifications about new photos, comments, and tweets.
  • In control – you decide what you share with whom across your home, work, and social networks. And of course, those networks decide what information is shared and connected, respecting their policies and customer privacy.

You can find more screenshots and how it works in the source link below.

Read more at Building Windows 8 blog.

  • Wilson

    How did you bring the jump list from the peoples hub?

    • Anonymous

      ctrl+mouse scroller

    • Anonymous

      cntrl+mouse scroll as twhedonist said.  Or use two finger pinch.  Thats the gesture for semantic zoom throughout the system (and any app that supports it).

      • Anonymous

        In addition to the above gestures and key combos, in the lower right-hand corner you can see a “-” symbol. If you click that, it will also bring up the jump list.

        • Wilson

          Thank you Wyn6, B_Sack and twhedonist

  • Anonymous

    I don’t even know how to update my status.

    People App looks ok it can be better and its not 100% synced with Facebook privacy options

  • markiz

    Until they enable contact management (merging primarily) in the app, it’s gonna be crippled.

    • Martin Procházka

      People App merges them automaticaly. You just have to change names to match..

  • Anonymous

    This is good, not great.  It’s not nearly as complete as the People Hub in WP7.5.  You guys need to fix this before you ship.  I sih you would copy/paste from WP7.5 — you’d have an easy to use winner!

    1. How do you update your own social networks form the app?  Can you update them all at once like you can in WP?
    2. In WP you can link multiple account together. I can’t figure this out in Win8.  So now I have multiple contact entries for “mom” but I cannot combine them.
    3.  Let’s face it, the WP app is more mature and it shows. It’s easy to see a chronological list of events for all people or for a single person.  In Win8 it isn’t that clear. 

    • Carlo Mendoza

      I agree.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed the beautify with Metro over competition is being able to share a similar experience. Maybe the People APP isn’t 100% done yet but I expect to have the same experience when I’m on my Windows Phone and when I am on my Windows 8 PC.

  • Anonymous

    If I can suggest something please add toast notifications. I want to be aware when somebody comments on my status or re-tweets me.