Microsoft Details Power Efficiency In Windows 8 Applications


At Building Windows 8 blog today, Microsoft detailed the power efficiency of Windows 8 applications. Certain apps may become power hungry and drain our precious battery life soon. To avoid such scenarios, Microsoft allows the apps to be only in the following 3 states,this means that an app in Windows 8 can be in one of three possible states:

  1. Actively running in the foreground
  2. Suspended in the background
  3. Performing some defined background activity
Even the background activity can’t be of any sort of thing. Instead it should be one of the following,
  • Here is what we enable in the background for Metro style apps in WinRT:
    • Playing music
    • Downloading a file from or uploading it to a website
    • Keeping live tiles alive with fresh content
    • Printing
    • Receiving a VoIP call
    • Receiving an instant message
    • Receiving an email
    • Sharing content (like uploading photos to Facebook)
    • Synchronizing content with a tethered device (like syncing photos)

The above new application model will deliver consistent long battery life while enabling connected experiences. One important thing to note is that applications that were designed for Windows 7 will continue to work as they have before with no change in behavior.

Read more at B8 blog.

  • rsgx

    Nice, this just keeps getting better and better. Can’t wait to get my hands on the Beta.

  • Emi Cyberschreiber

    I cant wait for Beta/Consumer preview. specially after Winunleaked pictures. it looks nice, canouna said mouse and keyboard Works nice, and since it will have nice metro style apps, it will be nice to see how all this stuff like power efficiency works in win8.

    win8 is getting better thats for sure!

  • Martyn Metalous

    Kind of similar to Windows Phone 7 in design, just a few more options.

  • Jayasankar K

    Windows 8 has good feature to run applications with long battery life…………….thats great……………………..

  • Jayasankar K

    It would be helpful for the Laptops and Notebooks……………