Microsoft Details Redesigned Xbox Music App Coming In Windows 8.1

Xbox Music Windows 8.1

Along with the news that Microsoft is releasing Xbox Music apps for iOS, Android devices and free streaming on the web, Microsoft also detailed the upcoming redesigned Xbox Music app for Windows 8/RT devices that is coming along with Windows 8.1 update. The app will come pre-installed on Windows 8.1 update, and gives access to global catalog of more than 33 million songs out of the box. If you have a Xbox Music pass, you can download your fav songs. There is also an option to stream millions of songs free on Windows 8.1.

Changes in Xbox Music app:

  • Get it in there: If you already have an existing music collection in your device’s Music library such as songs you ripped from CDs or DRM-free songs purchased from iTunes or – Xbox Music brings in all of it – no fuss, your music is just in there.
  • As much as your ears can handle: Xbox Music gives you unlimited access to millions of songs in the store and the ability to stream and download as much music as you like with your Xbox Music Pass.
  • It’s your music, it should go with you: With your Xbox Music Pass, you can also listen to your music across all your devices including your laptop or tablet, phone, the web, Xbox 360, and Xbox One coming Nov. 22nd. Even your playlists roam across all you devices with an Xbox Music Pass. Xbox Music will even scan and match songs you already own on your device with songs from the Xbox Music Store allowing you to also stream those songs on all your other devices.
  • Turn the Radio on: You can stream millions of songs for free from the Xbox Music Store* and create your own radio stations based on your favorite artists and bands. When you create a “station” – it begins with a specific artist or band, based on that, Xbox Music will pull together similar music for you. It’s one of the best ways to discover new artists related to the ones you already love. With the new Radio feature and the ability to search for and play the songs you want, Xbox Music is the best free streaming music service for Windows.

Also, there are some more new features.

  1. Xbox Music in Windows 8.1 is designed around three pivots: your music collection, radio, and the Xbox Music Store (called Explore). Enthusiasts will see a real difference over Xbox Music in Windows 8. A few things worth noting, playback controls are no longer hidden and you can now control the volume specific to Xbox Music separately from the master volume of your device.
  2. Bing Smart Search is also integrated into Xbox Music in Windows 8.1. Using Bing Smart Search, you can find musicians, bands and artists presented in a rich field of content, including top songs, albums, videos, images and relevant Web pages. In keeping with what you’d expect from Bing, it makes for a gorgeous experience.
  3. And coming to Xbox Music with Windows 8.1 on Oct. 18th – you will have the ability to use the Share charm in Windows 8.1 to share a webpage from the browser and have Xbox Music build a playlist based off any music it finds from that webpage (called Web Playlist)! Literally the web can start to be your front door to your music experience.

Source: Windows Blog

  • Captain Panaka

    Sounds like a definite improvement from the existing clunky app. I just wish it support FLAC lossless files.

  • Yuan Taizong

    These are all welcome improvements, Xbox Music is a laggy, saggy and crappy app most of the time, it looks good on paper, but it still lacks half of the capabilities that Windows Media Player for the Desktop has, while it’s true that Zune 1 software was a modified Windows Media Player 10 Mobile (the running Windows Mobile 6.5. thus making Zune for Windows Phone a legitimate and direct successor), it developed seperately and Microsoft Zune Music (Xbox Music) Vs. Windows Media Player 11 puts Windows Media Player FAR above Xbox Music in almost any way, it’s more costumizable, it’s better connected with external devices, it’s internal explorer is superb and unmatched, it integrates well with the desktop, it can change the speed of songs, it can change the bacground of the player with a very big library of skins and features.

    Xbox Music lacks most of these, the only reason I prefer it over Windows Media Player is because I can click on the louder and/or softer key on my keyboard and it displays the song and I could easily pause it in any app, something that I can’t do with Windows Media Player, and if you own an Xbox Music Pass (Zune Music Pass) you could easily cloud-stream to all your other devices, but not to a Windows Phone 7.8 which is really sad, despite this you can now cloud-stream to Android and iO.S. of-course the latest software is always supported, but those apps work better than the one for Windows Phone 8.

    Xbox Music also lacks Xbox Video, I understand that they’re 2 seperate applications, and most of the time I’m happy with it, but they’re practically 2 different services as well, of-course they’re unified under the Microsoft-account, but in nature they’ve gone from the exact same thing (when Windows 8 came out) to develop into 2 different applications that just have similar interfaces (today), which is a good thing overall, but Xbox Music is not an overall media-player,

    Xbox Music also natively lacks Podcasting support, the only feature they’ve removed from Zune, and it’s the feature I want the most, podcasts are something I listen more to than I do to music, and Microsoft’s reasoning is that they’d rather support 3rd party podcasting apps, while one of iTunes’ strong points comes from the fact that they have over a 1.000.000 podcasts in their library, which is something Microsoft must compete with, so they should better return that feature, it’s not that Xbox Music isn’t a good app, it’s just a horrible app with great potential.

    Seeing Windows 8.1 (Blue) makes me optimistic, I see lots and lots of improvements, I love Windows 8.1 (Blue)’s many new features, applications and especially the improvements it brings to present applications and features and programs, and Xbox One’s Radio name could be confusing, I immediately think of F.M. Radio, I personally prefer the SmartD.J. name over the Radio one, this is just another sad case of Microsoft copying others’ brands again, similar with renaming the Windows Phone Marketplace to WIndows Phone Store and Xbox LIVE Marketplace to Xbox Games Store and Zune Marketplace to Xbox Music Store and Xbox Video Store, respectively. I have no idea why everyone hates the term ”Marketplace”, the Google Play Store used to be called the Android Marketplace but Google is also copying the same stupid App Store.

    Xbox Music has a lot of potential, and expanding the library with another 3.000.000 songs is a great thing, as is introducing applications for other platforms, but Microsoft must update the Zune Desktop app with the Xbox Music Desktop app, this could give a lot of present ”Zune brand-users” an idea of what’ll be like as an ”Xbox-brand-user” which is more popular anyway, Zune has failed in many ways, and it’s still used for Xbox Music, the file it has in the system is Microsoft.ZuneMusic.

    Another thing I welcome about these great improvements is the integration with Bing, Bing has a really great potential among all Microsoft services and it has been ”underused” before the release of Windows 8 and I hope that Bing could power better music searches than the horrible present engine, of-course Bing will be integrated into it as an extention, thus it could work out bad, at present these things are just speculation, we’ll just have to wait for Windows 8.1 (Blue) and see for ourselves how much the application will improve.

    Of-course new features are always welcome, although I wonder if all songs I find and share on the internet will be free to listen to and how it will work if the song isn’t in English.

    • mrdeezus

      Zune…..miss it so bad, the XBM app is unusable for me I was spoiled with Zune I admit but that’s no exuse for releasing a crappy app like XBM. Very sad….I just wish I could sync through it and purchase multiple track at once instead of whole album or one at a time.

  • MaelN

    It’s frustrating to see that Xbox Music on IE is better to use than the application on my Surface…