Microsoft Details Spell Check Feature In Internet Explorer 10

IE 10 Spell check

Today Microsoft detailed the spell check feature in upcoming version of Internet Explorer that will come with Windows 8. It will feature both auto correction and spelling suggestions on any text box within the browser.

IE10 has the first browser-based implementation of auto-correct.

In some cases, a misspelled word is so common that it is better to just correct the word immediately, rather than wait for you to review the error later In the rare case that auto-correct changes something that you didn’t want changed, you can undo the change via CTRL+Z (Undo) using the keyboard, or bring up the auto-correction context menu using the mouse. In addition to using the mouse, the auto-correction menu can be activated via the keyboard by moving the insertion point inside of the word and pressing SHIFT+F10 (that key combo works to trigger any context menu). From the auto-correction menu you can also prevent the word from being auto-corrected in the future.

The same goes for the Metro version of the IE in Windows 8. In both the versions, the users can select their own language of their choice for suggestions.

More at IE Blog.

  • Monkey D Black

    yes yes they do, i had made a comment about this a while back. a cool feature and a welcomed one.

  • Anonymous

    okay decision but the dictionary needs to be fully integrated within the core of Win8, not Word or IE

    • Anonymous


    • Monkey D Black

      I’m sure metro apps will benefit since they will use IE to render

  • Jim Winkler

    A couple of days ago I got a message box saying that IE 19 had problems and needed to close. Ever since then spell checker does not work even tho in settings it is still on.
    Any ideas.

  • David Mills

    On my Windows 8 computer Spell Check in IE 10 is not working – how can this be fixed?