Microsoft Details The Enhanced Rich Editing Experiences In Internet Explorer 11

IE11 Editing Experience

Microsoft recently detailed the enhanced rich editing experiences in Internet Explorer 11. With IE11, users can now paste images from a variety of input sources, copy lists while preserving formatting, and undo their editing more easily.

Pasting Images:

With IE11, Web sites now have direct access to images pasted from the clipboard. IE11 is the first browser that supports both pasting images directly from clipboard (for example, from photo editing software or from PrintScreen) and pasting HTML that incorporates local images (for example, from applications such as Microsoft Office that store images temporarily in local paths). Either DataURI or Blob can be used to encode these images.

Undo Experience:

With IE11, Web pages automatically receive better undo experiences, and Web developers have fine-grain control over how DOM manipulations in script participate in the undo stack. In most cases, developers do not need to worry about the undo stack, and IE11 just works as expected. For example, if the page contains a “bold” button that calls execCommand(“bold”) when clicked, IE11 automatically supports undo of this action, so the user can hit Ctrl-Z to unbold the text. IE11 tracks each script-initiated DOM change and puts it into a separate undo unit.

Pasting Lists:

With IE11, users can paste lists from popular office applications and continue editing that list within the browser. After pasting the list, the user can simply press enter at the end of the list to create new items. This capability is particularly valuable when pasting formatted content from word processing applications such as Microsoft Word. IE11 recognizes that the formatted text contains a list and converts it into a real HTML list using <ul> or <ol> elements, so you can edit the list in the way you would expect.

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Source: Microsoft

  • hepsi

    Still, IE has NO APPS, NO EXTENSION…
    its going to be too late for Microsoft to understand that IE needs to have plugins like chrome and firefox

    • surilamin

      There will be no plug-ins for IE, period. Microsoft has bet on Metro Apps, do you see browser plug-ins on android and iOS?

  • smk

    can you turn off this enhanced editing/pasting feature? when pasting from a PDF file into an email being composed, it fails miserably.