Microsoft Details The Movie Moments Video Editing App In Windows 8.1

Along with the update about the upcoming Photos and Camera app for Windows 8.1, Microsoft also revealed some information about the Movie Moments app for Windows 8.1 devices. This Movie Moment app allows you to trim the videos, add some texts and music which can be shared to various services. You can think it as a Microsoft Movie Maker lite!

Real life moments can be unpredictable, so when taking videos we often take a bunch of extra footage. Sometimes these videos sit dormant on our devices – when just a few edits would make the video instantly shareable!  Movie Moments is a simple app that helps tell the story of the interesting moment in your video. Within moments, trim the video, add short captions, and put in some music and now you’ll have a short clip that you’ll want to share!

Movie Moments App Windows 8.1


Source: Microsoft

  • Jase

    I absolutely loved Windows Movie Maker… This app looks great but no where as feature-rich as Movie Maker was. I really hope they make a metro version, and more importantly add the ability to burn to DVD/Bluray again with the menu maker. This was in Windows 7 but was removed in Windows 8. :(