Microsoft Details The New File History Feature In Windows 8

Today in Building Windows 8 blog, Microsoft detailed the new File History feature coming in Windows 8. File History is a new backup application that is replacing the old backup and restore feature in Windows 7. This new system continuously protects your personal files stored in Libraries, Desktop, Favorites, and Contacts folders. It periodically (by default every hour) scans the file system for changes and copies changed files to another location. Every time any of your personal files has changed, its copy will be stored on a dedicated, external storage device selected by you. Over time, File History builds a complete history of changes made to any personal file.

Its a great addition to Windows 8’s list of new features. I’m sure common people will love this solution whereas power users may find it annoying because File History solution does not offer the ability to do a full system backup. File History only protects user libraries, desktop, favorites and contacts. Other files, such as operating system files, applications, and settings, are not backed up.

What do you think of this feature ?

Read more at Windows 8 blog.

  • Asgardi

    That feature is not new. It was already in Windows Server 2003. It has just been improved a bit. However, MS is smart to advertise this feature because almost no one actually uses it.

    • Monkey D Black

      not much people even knew it was there. I think most people think that the only way to get things back in windows is through windows restore. o.0

  • Guest

    They added lots of features from Windows Server to Windows 8. So we will see so many new other features in Windows 8 that was offered only on Server versions.

    And this is a very welcoming move and make Windows even more complete and more perfect even compare to Windows 7.