Microsoft Details The New Page Zero Feature In Bing

Bing Page Zero Feature

Earlier this week, Microsoft announced new logo, refreshed UI and new features for its Bing search platform. One of the main new feature that was announced was Page Zero. Page Zero helps users to get an answer or take an action before they even see the first results page.

Now you can, with Page Zero, which we introduced earlier this week. In the same 400 milliseconds it takes the average person to blink, Bing can suggest the best completion for a query and showcase rich information about the topic directly in the search box, without ever going to a results page. Harnessing Satori our underlying technology that lets Bing understand more about people, places and things, Page Zero introduces a faster way to search.

To bring this to life, we examined user interaction models, touch friendly interface design, deep understanding of user intent combined with Satori our underlying technology that lets Bing understand more about people, places and things.

You will better understand with an example. Look at the image above and read the description below.

Let’s see another example where someone searches for “Michelle Pfeiffer” and starts typing ‘michelle pf’. By harnessing Satori, Bing understands that Michelle Pfeiffer is an actress and therefore suggests highly related intents such as “Video”, “Biography” and “Filmography” which represent the most commonly searched tasks for queries related to movies and artists. Combining this with advanced machine learning techniques to determine the relationship between an incomplete query and the possible completions, the Page Zero experience can also show users the information without the user completing the entire query.


Whenever I post something related to Bing, most of the comments from our readers will be like, “When this is coming to our country?”, “Only in US, sigh..”, etc,.

I spoke with a senior Bing executive last week and he confirmed to me that Microsoft is bringing all those new features to other countries in coming months for sure. Not like the old promises, this is coming! In fact, they have staffed up so many people in countries other than US to localize the feature in respective countries.

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  • Yuan Taizong

    I’m on the preview of the new Bing, before I was just lying to my friends that Bing was better than Google, but now those lies have turned truthful, I’m really liking this new interface and features, Page Zero looks very promising.

    • DKJr

      Great to see indeed. I was exactly in the same boat but now looks like we have every right to be proud on Bing.

    • Cri5_09

      Is this available only in the US?

      • neva

        As always…

        • pradeepviswav

          Read my update in the post. Thanks.

  • Kimi

    we need that in europe too

    • Mark

      I’m in the UK and I set my location (using the preferences cog – top right) to the US. You then get all the new features.

      • neva

        Meanwhile in the rest of Europe you still use Bing Beta…
        And every country in Europe speaks a different language. If I search for something in Portuguese with my location changed to the United States, every result will come from Brazil what makes most of my searches useless…

    • pradeepviswav

      Read my update in the post, Thanks.

  • reKitab

    Nice concept. It’ll soon be GOOGLED, for the rest of the world. Too bad this is Bing-US only(::)

    • pradeepviswav

      Read my update in the post.

  • grs_dev

    love it

  • coip

    Bing really has innovated itself beyond Google. It’s easily the best search engine now and it’s a huge pity that most people will continue to use Google out of habit.