Microsoft Details The New Pre-Render Option In IE11 To Speedup Web Browsing

Bing on Windows 8.1 IE11

Microsoft Bing team today detailed the update they have worked with IE 11 team to speedup the search experience in Windows 8.1. Users spend most time on search tasks by doing some kind of research that requires multiple queries and visiting multiple pages. The new pre-render tag in IE11 has allowed the Bing to load the intended web links even before you click them therefore allowing you to access the site at speed when you actually click it.

Today we are introducing an improvement available for Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) that helps you accomplish your search tasks even faster. The next time you perform a search in Bing using IE11, you’ll notice that when you click on the top result, the associated page is almost instantly rendered. To achieve this, we leverage IE11’s pre-render tag to automatically download and render the top result page in the background – it does this in a streamlined fashion taking care to not waste your bandwidth and battery life.

With pre-rendering, you can now enjoy a faster end-to-end search experience, whether you are trying to navigate to a popular web destination (e.g. “New York Times”) or looking for movie reviews (e.g. “Django Unchained reviews”). Because half of people click on the first result on the search results page, pre-rendering that page is an important addition in our quest to improve the overall task completion time.

Read about it in detail from the below link.

Source: Bing blog

  • JRV


    Now, on machines connected to a/c power, keep pre-loading pages down through the rest of the search results. Go ahead, Bing…waste my home bandwidth! Because I’m among the 50% who don’t always click the first result.

    Just give enterprise a Group Policy to turn off pre-loading or limit it to the first X results.

    This will also be useful for people who use Bing even when they know the URL in order to accumulate Bing rewards.

    • hushv

      Google does exactly the same thing…

    • Brent

      Spec limits to 1 page preloaded. Most browsers limit this to 1 page per instance of the browser (not per tab).

  • tomakali

    Why not pre-render on mouseover?
    oops! that cant work on touch device :(