Microsoft Details The New Smart Search Experience In Windows 8.1

Derrick Connell, CVP at Bing today demoed the new Smart Search experience in Windows 8.1 in a new video. He has given a walk-through of how to search all of your documents, pictures, the web and more right from the Windows Start screen with Bing Smart Search. Watch the video demo above.

Here’s the features of  Bing Smart Search:

Search Just Got Faster and Easier:From the Start screen, just start typing and Smart Search will begin showing you results. When in desktop mode, press the Windows key (or the dedicated search button that will begin to appear on some devices) and start typing to begin a search, or swipe to engage the charm from the right screen edge. It’s the fastest way to search on any device.

A New Way to Experience Search: An intelligent summary of results pulled from the most relevant information across the web and related apps, all organized in a beautiful, compelling, and easy-to-read way.

Take Action Before You Finish Typing:Looking to play your favorite song? Start typing, see results instantly, then tap to play. Or, find an app that is relevant to your search and tap into right from results. Bing will dynamically find the best apps over time to help you complete your tasks – so you can search and do, not just search and read.

Advanced Search Filters:Now you can quickly and easily scope search results you’re interested in, or leave the default to “everything” to simultaneously search across your device, cloud, and on the web.

Multi-tasking is a Snap: Keep everything in view and in context. No more jumping back and forth between search and other apps. Bing Smart Search works seamlessly with the improved snap-view feature in Windows 8.1.

Source: Microsoft

  • sam

    Smart search my ass. This thing is shit outside US.

    • Clodderes

      correct. outside US it’s still pretty much basic search which is much inferior than google.

  • Bugbog

    Is it just my imagination, or is there no way to seemingly localize search to the Windows Store when searching from within it?

    • Guest

      Doesn’t seem to be, no. While Search took some major steps forward, it took a few back as well.

      • Bugbog

        Yeah, so I’ve noticed. Can’t conduct the search unless one specifically selects the search box within the Store itself! Why?? (probably for the 80% that didn’t watch a tutorial and therefore couldn’t pull the search box from the side!)

        eitherDon’t know why they didn’t include app selection in the list of options that one can confine the search to!?