Microsoft Details The Outlook Mail App For Windows 8.1 Devices, Offers The Best Email Experience On Any Tablet.

Outlook Mail App Windows 8.1

The modern mail app that was shipped as part of Windows 8 was not up to the mark. It was experiencing performance issues until Microsoft delivered an update 6 months later. Even after all the updates, the mail app remained as one of the weak points. Microsoft was aware of it and they delivered an much improved Outlook Mail app for Windows 8.1 devices. All Windows 8.1 devices will have this mail app pre-installed and it is the best email experience on any tablet.

In a world of mobile devices like tablets, there’s an increasingly narrow distinction between your “work computer” and your “personal computer.” More and more people are bringing their personal tablets to work, and their work laptops home. Windows 8.1 is designed for this world, equally suited for your work life and your personal life. The Mail app is no exception—it’s designed to be great for your whole life.

In this update to Mail, we’ve optimized for using both work and personal email accounts, without having to switch apps or go to the web. This feature makes it simple to set up, monitor, and toggle between different email accounts. And we’ve added advanced multi-account features, like the ability to change the return address of your email if a message was sent to the wrong account. You’ll also find support for advanced IT policies (like authenticated proxies and special certificates), thanks to our complete implementation of the EAS protocol. This means you can bring your device to work, and still meet the requirements of your company’s network.

Designed for the email that matters to you

These days, most of us get very different and distinct types of email—newsletters, daily deals, social updates, and personal messages, and in fact, more than 80% of email in your inbox is commercial mail. While that mail can be valuable and interesting, it also means that it can be easy to miss messages from important people. So we asked ourselves how we could help automatically organize your inbox, sorting out messages by type, and create customized views of the email that’s most important to you. To meet this goal in Windows 8.1, we added a new toolbar to Mail on the left-hand side: what we affectionately call the power pane.

As soon as you set up a new account, Mail analyzes your inbox and identifies people with whom you communicate frequently. You’ll see these people marked as favorites in the People view. If you open up the People view menu (just click the “People” link under the icon), you’ll see even more people suggested as favorites. Click on a person, and you see all the email you’ve exchanged with them, across your folders. If you click the People icon, you’ll see all the email from all your favorites. This is a helpful way to track email just from people who you’ve marked as important—and filter out email from everyone else. The People view adapts over time, based on your email habits (though once you mark someone as a favorite, that label sticks until you change it). So you might not see a lot of people in this view at first, but over time, it will fill out to capture your most important communications.

Mail enables you to mark folders as favorites, too. Just open the folder menu and click the stars for the folders you want to place on the power pane. Then you can drag and drop messages to these folders without having to navigate a long list of folders each time. You can also access and drag messages to your complete folder list at any time.

And if you use for your email, the mail experience gets even better:

  • Newsletters and social updates are automatically recognized and organized into a special view below your inbox. If you don’t want a certain type of email categorized in this way, however, you simply drag that mail out of the view and back into your inbox.

  • You now have access to’s powerful Sweep feature right from the Mail app. Select one or more messages, choose Sweep from the app bar, and choose how you want to sweep away that email. You can even choose to do this automatically every time you get email from certain senders.

  • You can set up automatic replies in case you’re going away and won’t be able to respond to messages.

  • And because uses Exchange ActiveSync, your contacts and calendar are also automatically synced with your Windows 8.1 device.

Source: Windows Team Blog

  • francis

    Just give me my win 8.1 already…

    • Emily the Strange

      well there has been a leaked version which is the same MSDN people got… if you have a legit key you can install it and dont wait until oct 18th, only you would have to wait for the GA updates.

      • francis

        all the download links are not working, and what key? as RT came preloaded, I do have win 8 licence key will it work? I need my outlook on my RT..

        • Emily the Strange

          oh you have a RT, well you need a different leaked version but it will work since it uses torrent for the download… it was easy to find in mydigitallife

          I thought you had a normal Windows 8 x86-64 which would be easier to get and install. but that link should let you do the RTM install on your RT
          of course you should be careful but I know alot of people who have done the upgrade with no problems :)

          • Yuan Taizong

            Ugh, My Digital Life, it’s probably the most troll invested forum concerining I.C.T. I’ve been there once, every time you try and open a discussion you’ll get attacked by hoards of trolls claiming how you should be banned for opening a topic that no-one cares about (–_–) I want to vomit over the link every time I read that name.

          • francis

            I cant access the torrent link as I am new to that forum,

          • Guest

            magnet:?xt=urn:btih:71D8A54AA0F9CD1645754B07EA3F99 2ACE3056B8

            magnet:?xt=urn:btih:0C50B51443004E78F7C507518D21E1 EA475A911F

            magnet:?xt=urn:btih:7D01E3BBDA6D46A86E8D644E6B48DC 0EB8D1AB6C

          • Emily the Strange

            well im not logged in but i can see the magnet links… one thing you should consider is a torrent like this.



            it sounds like its easier to wait 15 days… it was worth it before when it was leaked lol. but in 15 days you will have it. but i found this forum, since it gives an easy link to a way to get your surface key

          • francis

            you are right 15 days or so… and its easy and better..

  • Yuan Taizong

    Hahaha, I’m glad to read that for Windows took over that last feature that made Gmail unique (although on Gmail I found it irritating and unintuitive, this one seems better organized), the seperation of e-mail types. And there are so much features that make it the superior e-mail in-box so Windows 8.1 (Blue) has exceded expectations, I really like it in general and I will finally have a reason (if not many) to start using the e-mail application (Windows Mail, not to be confused with Vista’s Windows Mail which is now called Windows Live Mail or Windows Mail Desktop) 😀

    Good job Microsoft 😉

    • francis

      shutup and go away…

    • Emily the Strange

      well… one benefit of using the Win8 mail App, its you get notifications like in outlook 2013 but without having to have the App opened in background. also when you start you can see your stuff on lock screen.
      thats one thing people seem to miss about win8 apps, they will give you easier access, but of course with this renewed mail App, everything seems to be better, with drag and drop and a nicer UI.

  • Willem Evenhuis

    Nice, but that doesn’t mean that the new mail/outlook app will be done. It’s still missing features. One I’m really looking forward to and am still missing is the option to add a mail appointment to the calender as an appointment, including hmtl content to the add message section of the app. I’ve sent this feedback coutless times to microsoft. It was part of the supported features for outlook for the desktop for years. It was as easy as dragging and dropping an email to the calender icon, and hey presto a calendar item was made. I think the mail, weather, people, message and calendar app have all become to much of a stand alone app. Or what about sharing things to calender. Haven’t seen those in the share charm. It’s missing that feeling of embeddedness that could make windows 8.1 a so much better experience. Thus an argument again that more apps is not per se better.

    • francis

      I am using my lumia to make appointments, however I need the outlook 2013..

  • redtidal

    Win 8 Mail app is just terrible. It has stopped sync over last weekend. Nothing works.

    • francis

      I am using it since I got my surface RT, and no such problems, I moved from POP3 (notebook) to rt, RT is not full featured outlook but its fine as I do not need to lug around my ultrabook anymore.

      • redtidal

        you got no arguments from me about the portability of RT.
        but we are talking about the mail app here. and the app seriously sucks.

        • francis

          its like outlook express I was using on windows long time ago, I will get office 2013 when my surface pro 2 arrives…

  • geoff

    can this be placed on a PC