Microsoft Details The Power Of New Task Manager In Windows 8

You may wonder they already did this, but this is new stuff. You can read about the new simple task manager for our PC’s here. At Building Windows 8 Blog, Microsoft detailed the feature in task manager of upcoming Windows 8 that server admins and people with access to mega-PC setups with lots and lots of logical processors can use it for their analysis. Its full of heat maps and percentage numbers presented in a neat way as shown in the image above.

You can read more on that at B8 blog.

  • Anonymous

    I must say I’m really linking how  win8 is starting to look. Don’t laugh I use three different MS-OS win98 on an old gateway simply because the machine refuses to die. XP on this machine. vista on two laptops. now the XP machine is going over to win7 this week because I bought it for $7.00 at bestbuy I used my bestbuy points XP turned ten this past week so …

    • Anonymous

      You need to run Windows 7 on the Vista machines, its gonna run like a Cheetah huntin for its target….