Microsoft Details The Design Of Windows 8 Touch Keyboard

Even after the release of Windows 8 Release Preview, Microsoft is continuing its long detailed blog posts on Windows 8 design and development. Today they detailed the Windows 8 Touch keyboard design and development. Microsoft had the following goals in mind on developing a touch keyboard for Windows 8,

  • Enter text quickly, reasonably close to the speed with which they type on a physical keyboard
  • Avoid errors, and be able to easily correct mistakes
  • Enter text comfortably, in terms of posture, interaction with the device, and social setting

If you are familiar with Windows Phone devices, they you might find Windows 8 touch keyboard as a larger version of what we find on mobile devices. But particularly for tablets there are different types of keyboard layouts such as split keyboard.


Read more at Building Windows 8 blog. 

  • Kitab

    Full “disclosure” here; Designing the Windows 8 touch keyboard:

  • Tishawn Fahie

    Very nice! Cant wait for the Surface! Microsoft Hurry Up!! lol

  • R.

    I can’t play this movie on my Windows Phone 7.5 htc Mozart :/

  • Solomon Peah

    Not bad a useful keyboard for a tablet!

  • Johan Berghmans

    Will there be a numerical keybard?