Microsoft Details Windows 8.1 August Update, Includes Precision Touchpad Improvements, Miracast Receive Support And More

Microsoft today announced that they are are not planning to deliver a Windows 8.1 “Update 2.” Instead of waiting for months and bundling together a bunch of improvements into a larger update as we did for the Windows 8.1 Update, Microsoft is planning to use the existing monthly update process to deliver more frequent improvements along with the security updates normally provided as part of “Update Tuesday.” Some of the updates will include improvements that is more visible or even new features, while others might be more “behind-the-scenes” that improve things like the performance, security and reliability of your device.

Microsoft also announced that the upcoming August 12th Update Tuesday will include following new features and improvements:

  • Precision touchpad improvements – three new end-user settings have been added: Leave touch pad on when a mouse is connected; allow right-clicks on the touchpad; double-tap and drag.
  • Miracast Receive – exposes a set of Wi-Fi direct APIs for Independent Hardware Vendor (IHV) drivers or OEM drivers to develop Windows 32-bit applications that run on all supported x86-based or x64-based versions of Windows 8.1, enabling the computer as a Miracast receiver.
  • Minimizing login prompts for SharePoint Online – reduces the number of prompts with federated use in accessing SharePoint Online sites. If you select the “Keep me signed in” check box when you log on for the first time, you will not see prompts for successive access to that SharePoint Online site.

This update will be delivered automatically via WU and optional through WSUS. Enterprises can take the update anytime. Further details on the update will be included here on August 12th.

Source: Microsoft

  • Men’s Rights Groningen

    ¿Is there a diagnostics app for Windows? I have plenty of issues I want to bring to their attention that I hope the bug-fixes of the August Update shall help with…

  • Asgard

    What a useless update compared to what it was planned to be…

    • Emi the Strange

      it was all rumors… so I get you believe anything you hear especially from internet? wow….
      it’s a normal update with some features, nobody ever told you or promised you anything, I mean someone from MICROSOFT, not a random site telling rumors just to get clicks.
      Some people like you should really stop being in internet.. what’s next, you will click those links that say “my mom got $1000 and hour”?…… go luck with that.

  • alladin

    Wait, does this mean I can now project my tablet screen to my computer HTPC??????? If so, this is a huge update. Everyone in htpc community has been asking for this.

  • mkasanm