Microsoft Details Windows 8 App Submission Process

Today Microsoft blogged about process for submitting apps to Windows Store in Windows 8. Similar to Windows Phone, every Metro Style app will be certified by Microsoft before getting published in the Windows Store for the public. Microsoft had the following goals while designing this process for developers,

  • Encourage developers to visit the Store developer portal before they start coding
  • Help developers comply with the Store technical requirements
  • Reduce concepts and repetition by pulling information directly from the app package

As usual its a detailed long post. Visit Building Windows 8 blog for more info.

  • Anonymous

    Good upfront information. App name reservation could lead to malicious blocking of names and preventing others from using it. Hope there is a process in place to release unused names after a given period of time.

  • Gamer

    Hey guestt, I suppose its the same as windows phone. App name booking won’t affect anything .. Its just a placeholder to store where there can be other name for it to be displayed on the marketplace.