Microsoft Details Windows 8 Photos App

Microsoft today detailed the new Windows 8 Photos app. This new app designed with Metro design principles allows you to connect your Microsoft account to services like Facebook and Flickr and get all of your photos in one place. Also the Photos app works best with SkyDrive service, and with Windows Phone, you will be able to automatically send all the pictures from your Phone to SkyDrive. As other Windows 8 apps, Photos app allows you to share photos using share charm in Windows 8. It even allows you to import photos from your memory cards, thumb drives, etc,.

Read more about it here.

  • Fogel

    So expect to be abandoned for Windows Phone 9?

    • Marcio Correa

      Windows 8 (OS) not the Windows Phone 8. :)

    • Jitendra Singh

      Huh, where do you come from ? Mars ? Abandoned

    • Jitendra Singh


    • The Muffin Man

      Fogel, don’t post again until you learn to speak English. In fact, don’t post again until you turn 12.

    • Vincent Haakmat

      Hey Bob the builder, go somewhere else to troll/flame

  • Blinx182

    I really don’t like how they have the albums in some kind of “card” view where you have to scroll horizontally. The design makes no sense considering options on rival platforms.