Microsoft Details Windows 8 Store App Licensing Model For Consumers

Microsoft today detailed its Windows 8 Store licensing model for end users. This is similar to the one we currently have in Windows Phone Marketplace. An user can install the apps he bought in upto 5 PC’s, trial API’s can be implemented by developers based on their business model, different users of a PC can use the same Microsoft account for apps and many such things are detailed.

The Store’s app licensing model centers on the idea of providing customers with access to all of their apps on all of their Windows 8 devices. It gives customers control over their apps and keeps them connected to those apps across the multiple PCs that they’ll use over time. They can get updates for apps, write reviews for them, reinstall them on a new PC, and share them with their families. At the same time, the Store’s app licensing model provides developers with built-in protection against casual piracy, so that they can confidently build a business around developing apps for Windows 8 PCs.

Read more at Building Windows 8 Blog.

  • Anonymous

    Very nice.

    • WixosTrix

      So simple, a cave man can understand it 😛

  • Anonymous

    Microsoft is doing a good job with these blog posts.  This explains basically all the questions I had with the Store, mainly whether or not you could remove a PC from your 5 limit and whether multiple users on the same PC could use your app (the answer being yes for both cases).  My only gripe is the process for sharing apps on the same PC requires some additional signing in.  I would rather all my installed apps be available for all users without me having to sign into the store from their account.  But then again, perhaps its necessary so that I can choose to hide my porn apps from the wife :)