Microsoft Details Windows 8 Touch Hardware Improvements

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Microsoft yesterday detailed the improvements that are coming to Windows 8 touch hardware.  Microsoft introduced a set of touch interactions that make up the Windows 8 touch language and they have engineered the experience to be consistent across variety of hardware that would be able to run Windows 8. So as a result of this, you can expect any Windows 8 PC/Tablet on market will work as expected without any issues.

Read more on this at Building Windows 8 blog. 

  • Anonymous

    I hope they work hard with OEMs to bring out great hardware. OEMs should focus on hardware and not try to ruin the software experience with useless customizations.

    • Beezer

      The Samsung 7 and ASUS EPU 121 are both great pieces of hardware for Windows 8. So I can only imagine the next ones to come out will be just as great, if not better.

  • Beezer

    I’m using Win 8 on my EPU121. This thing is still buggy as hell!

    I’ve never had one proper session in the new IE. I’m always using the desktop version.

    I’d gladly wait an entire extra year if they polish it up. But I can’t imagine it being released anytime soon and have people love it. No way.

    • Anonymous

       Your device may be missing some drivers, like the native drivers, which still need to be loaded (though you can easily forget, as I did) and .Net drivers (which does impact some I.E./O.S. systems.

      I’m running Win8 on my Acer W500; no I.E issues or otherwise. the only times i’ve noticed anything is either when I inadvertently swipe away from pages or the site constantly refreshes (which is a site issue!)

      • Beezer

        Drivers are all good, from Bluetooth, to Wifi, to display and even the Wacom pressure sensitivity. Just missing the rotational gyroscope driver.

        I didn’t have .net installed though. Got it on there now and will give IE another try. I just read how dependant some of the Metro apps are on .net stuff. They should have it installed by default if that’s the case.

        Thanks for the help.