Microsoft Details Windows 8 Touchpad Gesture Support

At Building Windows 8 blog today, Microsoft detailed the touchpad support that will be part of Windows 8 PCs. Microsoft worked with major PC OEMs to provide a new touchpad experience that incorporates new Windows 8 gestures. Microsoft collaborated with touchpad component vendors and have incorporated native support in firmware to deliver great gesture recognition. You can see the touch gestures that will be natively supported in Windows 8 PCs in the image above.

Read more at Building Windows 8 blog.

  • Ryan T

    I can see this triggering a lot of unwanted Edge gestures from people trying to scroll quickly on their undersized track pads.

    • alukard

      True but let’s hope large trackpads will be standard with all oems. Microsoft cant sit and wait for them to pull their thumbs out, they have move on.

  • Mark Matheson

    No context menu gestures?

    • Smity Smiter

      The second gesture description is “Primary Secondary button click”, however it’s no different from the 1st gesture shown, and I do not know how they are differentiating primary/secondary buttons.

      • Mark Matheson

        I took that second gesture as double-tap, equivalent to mouse double-click.

        • Smity Smiter

          aha! thank you.

    • Anton Karpenko

      Long push should be

      • Mark Matheson

        That’d work.

  • Anton Karpenko

    Gestures to unlock and other non-ligical gestures
    are not user friendly. You have to read the manual to understand what to do and
    how… Button and shortcuts are more useful 😉

  • Harshal Bhave

    It is all good provided its released soon. There are numerous third party tools which allow the gesture support. I believe Microsoft should come up with such gesture support very soon.

  • Eric Justian

    Okay, so how do I disable them?