Microsoft Details Windows Store Changes In Windows 8 Release Preview

Microsoft today detailed the improvements in Windows Store since the consumer preview release. They announced the expansion of unique app catalog for customers in 26 markets and it will grow further as they expand the service soon. Microsoft has also improved the navigation within the store, app management, sharing app via share contract, change in certain policies, etc,. The most notable thing was the support for Desktop apps in Windows Store.

One important addition: desktop app listings will show up in the Store for the first time tomorrow, June 1st. Customers will be able to search for them or find them within categories, just as they do listings for Metro style apps.

These are just listings—the desktop apps themselves are distributed by the developer or by a reseller, as they have been all along. The listing pages provide a link, supplied by the developer, to the distribution location. Servicing of desktop apps remains between the developer and the customer and is not handled via the Store.

Soon, we’ll post a blog entry further explaining the certification requirements and listing process for desktop apps.

Also check out bunch of new apps that are live Windows Store such as Fruit Ninja, Major League Soccer, Box, etc,.

Source: Windows Store Blog

  • Johan Nilsson

    Why is there no search-function inside the store?

    • jcfan1979

      You have to move your mouse cursor to the bottom right corner, or if you have touch swipe from right edge to the left, to bring up the charms bar which has the search button there. Then you can search within the store or even switch to search the contents of another area like music or videos.

  • jeff

    need wordament please!