Microsoft Developing Lots Of TV Shows For Xbox One, Related Announcement Coming Soon


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We all know that Microsoft is working on lots of original content for Xbox One and Microsoft today teased us that there is much more information to be revealed. Phil Spencer, corporate vice president at Microsoft Studios told that “They have literally hundreds of ideas that they are incubating right now,”. “We will have some new announcement for TV shows coming pretty soon.”

Microsoft already revealed that they are producing a live-action “Halo” show which involves world famous film director Steven Spielberg. He also  said that sports programming will be an important element of the new console.

“We believe sports is a very interesting category globally,” he said. “We’ll be expanding what we do in sports to bring more international sports into the mix. ”

Have you made your pre-order for Xbox One?

Source: Bloomberg

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  • auziez

    I’ve made a pre-order, but I’m really uneasy to how much faster the ps4 is aparently.

    • nohone

      You should not be listening to Sony fanboys (nor those on the other side) for how a device will work. When they released the PS3, Sony claimed it was 3x better than the 360. Now they are saying the PS4 is only 1/3 better than the X1. The PS3 was equal to, and in some cases worse than the 360. So dont let some claims from Sony and their fans make it seem better, because they said it before, and it was just marketing speak that did not hold true.

      • koenshaku

        Those were two unique and complex architectures that bought technology to the market that didn’t exist. Now what you have is essentially two mainstream PC platform where things are more dry cut. If PS4 did not have an advantage MS wouldn’t be over clocking their processors at the last min…

        • Cruncher

          None of the mainstream platforms are using embedded memory for their frame-buffer accesses. Microsoft did spent quite a few transistors on this memory, which also could have spent on the GPU itself. So either you assume Microsoft is either incredibly stupid or you consider they found that spending these transistors into embedded memory is actually more worthwhile.
          Also this embedded memory was the single biggest advantage of the Xbox360 compared to the PS3, which apparently had more raw power.

          • eolirin

            Here’s also dedicated audio hardware in the XB1 which will free up a decent amount of CPU cycles. So in CPU limited situations the XB1 likely has an advantage. The PS4 isn’t 33% faster, it has 33% more gpu cores. So for workloads where the number of gpu cores is the sole limiting factor, it will have at most a 33% advantage assuming perfect scaling; not all tasks will be able to reach that without running into a bottleneck elsewhere in the system. The GDDR5 versus eSRAM cache is harder to compare; there are situations where the eSRAM will be a lot faster, but it’s also going to take more work to get the best performance out of.

        • nohone

          So in essence, we should have known better than to trust Sony with the PS3, but with the PS4 we should trust everything they say?

          Each console this version is using hardware that is very specific to their machine. They have the same type of CPU, but there is much more to it than CPU.

          There is no such thing as overclocking when you are the device manufacturer. Overclocking is when you get a CPU, the chip maker guarantees that it will run stable at the given speed but you, the chip buyer, try to make it run faster outside of those specifications. When Microsoft buys the chip from the chip manufacturer, they have a list of requirements and want the chip to run as fast as it can at a given price. AMD is able to sell them a chip that runs faster. And since when is giving the user a better product for the same price a bad thing? Sony should be striving to give their buyers a faster console, but they are not. Why are they not bumping their specs?

          • koenshaku

            First of all I listen to what Sony says about their performance they have been consistent is telling people nonsense throughout their console history. However I do read tech news, I am not going to argue with you here about what overclocking is AMD designed MS a processor then at a certain clock frequency then MS decided that their console has plenty of cooling since it looks like a cable DVR unit they decided the can turn up the clock frequency call that what like. The fact of the matter is that I have read from reputable hardware analyst that there is a sizable performance difference in between the two systems and I don’t think it is too far fetched to believe so. Have a read yourself below if you are interested, truth be told I will likely buy neither because they will be releasing with three year old PC hardware.


          • nohone

            No, what you have done is cherry picked an article written by some guy guesstimating what he thinks the performance of one console compared to another will be without ever playing any of them. And that is the point, Sony claims the PS4 is 33% faster than the X1 (after lying about the PS3 being 3X faster than the 360). Sony has never touched a X1, they have not torn one apart, they have not tested the individual custom components in an X1, and so anything Sony say, anything AnandTech, and to be honest anything Microsoft says about comparing perf is simply speculation.
            Sony claims their memory is faster – clock vs. clock it is. However, the bus for the memory X1 uses is twice as wide and can shuffle memory back and forth faster than the PS4 can. X1 has a memory cache that is much faster than what the PS4 offers. And I can go down the list and name a bunch of these features that the X1 has over the PS4. And you certianly can do for the PS4 over the X1. However, the list was supposedly so lopsided in the PS3’s favor over the 360, and yet, there is nothing that makes the PS3 better than the 360.
            So to make it sound like the PS4 is so much better than the X1 because Sony throws out some stats that emphasize their console while deemphasizing their competition, is just fanboyism.

          • koenshaku

            cherry picked an article lol.. firstly I don’t really care for this generation of consoles to be honest. I have never even bought a Sony console I have owned the xbox then xbox 360 and before that mostly Sega and then Nintendo consoles. Anyone into hardware knows anandtech and tom’s hardware to be some of the oldest around. Anandtech I have been reading well over 10 years now and I didn’t go look for console specs I just read whatever they have interesting since I upgrade my PC every couple years I always look at the latest gear. I really don’t care what Sony has to say about the PS4 I will likely not get one I have always hated their dual shock controllers.
            You should be able to look past your own fanboyism and see there is a price for packaging a kinnect with your console and it cost more than $100 even the original kinnect did and if MS is breaking even should it be too far fetched to assume Sony put the lack of one in improved hardware? Just saying.. You say it is all speculation then you put in your own analysis as if it holds any merit to me.. Send me a link of your supporting arguments I actually like reading this sort of stuff ^^

          • nohone

            So when I write that you cannot tell which one is better just yet until you have both devices and can make a better informed decision – that is me being a fanboy? I think the real fanboy has been outed.

          • koenshaku

            LOL ok so you say MS and Sony don’t know what either of their consoles do and they are just speculating then you go on to say MS can push data faster due to a wider bus despite how much faster GDDR 5 is to DDR3 you do realize you sound like you’re saying yeah something like “Yeah while everyone else thinks USB 3.0 is faster than 2.0 I use 2.0 because it streams data at a more consistent rate” Contradict yourself much? More of a schizophrenic fanboy lol. I tried to spare you of this by asking where you got your info and asked for a link, but I see where this is going and no point of going any further with you. lol

          • nohone

            Again, you are cherry picking. I gave a couple of examples where one company said that theirs is better than the others. But nobody can say that it will make the overall machine faster.

            And then you, like all the others, then start in with the personal attacks – all because I said that you cannot decide if one is better over the other without having machines to test with. I say that neither Microsoft nor Sony has won on the perf wars yet, but that makes me a “schizophrenic fanboy.” It is just sad what people like you will stoop to to make sure your chosen device is the winner. And then, like a child who does not get their way, they take their ball and go home – because you have shown with your very own words who the real fanboy is.

          • koenshaku

            Yes you have uncovered my secret I am a PC fanboy and I have cherry picked an article from a site I read daily called anandtech good job… Cherry pick a X1 article and stop making stuff up.

          • nohone

            Didn’t you write “no point of going any further with you” and yet, here you are again. You can’t even keep your promises, why should we believe anything else you have written?

  • koenshaku

    OMG I can’t wait for Halo TV Steven Spielberg! Jessica Alba should play Cortana and help the master chief with a Lumia phone!

    • nohone

      If you don’t like it, you do not need to watch it – of course, by how you are being so negative towards X1, you probably would not be getting one anyway, so what effect does this have on you?

      • koenshaku

        none that is why it is sarcasm if I wanted to watch the show I wouldn’t need an x1 for it.

        • nohone

          So you are just complaining to read yourself complain? From other things here, it makes perfect sense.

  • Yuan Taizong

    I really hope that these T.V.-shows will be like ”killer-apps” for the Xbox One.

  • tomakali