Microsoft Developing Unified UI Framework On OneCore To Enable Apps That Works Well Across Phones, Tablets, PCs, And The Xbox

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Microsoft vision of one Windows for all devices started few years back. First, they started their work on unifying the core of the OS and it became evident from the release of Windows Phone 8. Windows Phone 8 is based on the same NT core on which Windows 8 is built. It enabled OEMs to write one driver for both their phones and other devices running Windows. With the release of Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1, Microsoft enabled Universal apps that shares most of the underlying APIs in all the devices. With the upcoming Windows9/Threshold  release, Microsoft is looking to further unify the development process. They are building a new UI framework at the core of the “One Microsoft” OS. This will enable developers to create UI that works well across all of our devices: phones, tablets, PCs, and the Xbox.

A recent job posting revealed that Microsoft is expanding the capabilities of our platform to increase developer productivity – getting more apps to market, faster and dramatically enhancing the performance of our framework to enable the creation of complex and fluid UI. Internally, Microsoft is referring this common core across all these devices as OneCore.

As far as user facing features are concerned, Windows 9/Threshold will include the following new features.

  • Windows Threshold Desktop will have modern and more flat design than current Windows 7/Windows 8 design.
  • Icons in the task bar are interactive, described as ‘mini Live Tiles’ by their source. Microsoft is toying with glance-and-go style functionality for the taskbar too. Read about it more here.
  • Cortana is coming to Windows 9/Threshold. It can be accessed from the Taskbar.
  • Modern apps will run inside classic Windows like how ModrenMix works.

Source: Microsoft via: @h0X0d

  • X

    that’s to be expected with Satya’s leadership 😉

    • hushv

      yo, it’s been in the works for years. If any body is to take the glory, it should by sinofsky or whatever his name is. He’s the one with the “One Microsoft” vision.

      • Irgun Zander

        Great idea that should have been delivered about 4 years ago… Looking like too little too late once again :(

        • hushv

          Point is big changes take time – a lot of time. Instead of waiting forever to make the perfect product, you release the good, promising, needs a lot of work, manageable product in the mean time, why?

          #1 research and development requires funds – lots of it. So earnings from the”ok” product funds the future works

          #2 no body, not even gates knows what the perfect product is. Hundreds of companies have tried to develop the “perfect” product by working tirelessly in secret for years only for the public to shun it. Good example Next computers by Steve Jobs. Another is USB vs thunderbolt and the rest.

          #3 hardware. Hardware if three years ago would not have worked. At least it would not be cheap enough for mass market.

          • Irgun Zander

            That sounds good and all but late to the market is late to the market. Your example in #2 illustrates that fact.

          • PoohGQ

            Well, on many occasions Microsoft has come from far behind and taken over the market. I can’t say that it could work now but you never know.

          • Jorge M

            History has shown that it will.

          • hushv

            History also shows that it’s hard to beat the same enemy three consecutive times. Eric Schmitz won’t let Microsoft win.

            In fact, the best thing that would happen for Microsoft it’s for that old man to retire this year.

            Remember, soldiers win battles – generals win wars. Page is just a baby who can’t tell his ass from his mouth…. I should shut the hell up now

          • Jorge M

            MS doesn’t have to win

          • Asgard

            US Bing IS a winner. And has been for some time. The problem is that Bing is not the same for the rest of the world.

          • Jahir Kameel

            Yah.. That f**king i hate from Microsoft. Give them value who cares about it

          • hushv

            Microsoft has made some changes that showed they are serious about winning BUT I don’t think it’s enough why?

            Eric Schmidt. That guy knows Microsoft’s playbook.

            I hope someone from Microsoft reads this. The only way to win against Google is for Microsoft to target Adwords and Adsense with all the resources they can muster.

            Why? Google is already doing it to Microsoft. Docs aims to reduce how much Microsoft makes from office. Chrome Os is aimed at reducing Microsoft’s earnings from windows.

            In simple terms, I’ll leave a few quotes.
            1. War is money
            2. In business, the side that survives wins
            3. Business is war

            If business is war, the side with less money dies. It’s standard tactics in war to block food, trade…

          • Jahir Kameel

            Yes. Absolutely. You got the right point. Google manipulating the truth by adwards ans absence. People just moving by that fact. But they don’t know the truth behind. I think Microsoft have to focus

          • hushv

            I agree with you. Especially since Gates or a leader like him is not in control.

            By this, I mean – the willingness to push changes FAST even if they are buggy.

            To do every thing possible to win – even if it means using underhanded/grey area business tactics.

            In summary, this Microsoft is too nice to take the lead.

          • LexicoRed

            LoL, it wasn’t that there too nice it was the Ballmer mismanaged the company. He was fat and happy making profits on legacy products and did lead the company into the future. He forgot the company was a service and software company, missed market changes, then rush out and tried to become a consumer goods company.

            Now Nadella has to clean up his mess.

        • Anthony Miles

          No it’s not too late, MS was just preparing for what IOS and Google are just starting to do with their current systems. If MS were late, why is IOS 8 now saying you can use their so called universal apps to answer calls and text via all their devices? Isn’t Droid L supposed to be the same sort of thing where one can start something at home from chrome book and then finish on another device. All of these companies are doing the same things, some just have better marketing.

  • bibleverse1

    I think it is a great move and solves many issues people have with the RT and Wp8.

    • Asgard

      I agree. Also DX12 low level stuff is great for AAA game developers. But with DX they should also go to the other direction: make it easier to indies make games. Meaning have some default implementations for handling models, textures and so on. Even if they wouldn’t be perfect, it would be GREAT help!

      • dev

        This is exactly the part of an engine or high level framework. Microsoft has had XNA for that reason, but they’ve noticed that they have no chance against all those free engines like Unity.
        DX12 should better focus on performance to compete against Mantle and maybe integrate additional APIs to offload computations to the cloud.

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  • Kate Perry

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  • dave

    There’s a rumor that Onecore is based on Roslyn The Opensource .Net compiler and that they are abandoning the Com+ metro disaster, if that’s true great, if it’s really Metro ver 2. it will be just as big a flop as Win8/WP8!

  • Abhay kumar

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