Microsoft Dismisses Rumors About Xbox One System And Service To Be Buggy At Launch

A new rumor emerged online yesterday to spoil Microsoft Xbox One’s party. After few hours of releasing the video to show the whole Xbox One dashboard experience in action, the rumor claimed that the current Xbox One and Xbox Live service are very buggy and it will take months for Microsoft to fix it. The report went on to claim that there are issues such as parties dropping people when moving from one thing to another, connectivity issues, missed invites, friend requests not working, etc,. It claimed the following reason for buggy behavior.
“The system OS and network integration was written by a group of people who do not play games. They don’t understand why things were set up in the ways they were designed by J Allard back in 2005.”

Even though Microsoft didn’t directly respond to this rumor, Phil Spencer and Major Nelson tweeted about it dismissing these rumors.

Games are in certification now and we are playing SP & MP nightly. Anyone can post “stuff” to the web. — Phil Spencer

You should ask the COD folks about their game. As far as Xbox One, I’ve been testing the OS at home it’s been great. — Larry Hryb (@majornelson)

Source: Dodd Scientifics

  • soder

    Anyone can post “stuff” to the web. — Phil Spencer.

    Yes Phil, but quite frequently “stuff” are leaked from people, who have actually inside visibility how these “stuff” doesnt work well, but they find dead ears from the greedy mgmt side. So they share this with the community instead of their blatant idiot management.

    • Blaze Blue

      What do you call leaks? How can so called leaks be achieved as truth. I don’t know about you but to take someone’s word for every little thing they say and hold it against the other person is a very poor judgment on your part. I’m going to be neutral and wait for the dam thing comes out.

    • Ben A

      don’t talk shit. asshole. where is your proof. before talking shit. your the idiot. not them neither is microsoft

  • Emily the Strange

    its funny how idiots post make up these kind of rumors and more idiots apparently believe in what they post on twitter only because “I have heard”…
    But really! apparently Sony PlayStation 4 is the best console ever, not even a single bug!! /s
    everything bad apparently is on Xbox side, and again, idiots for only having a twitter account and wanting to get followers say whatever they want… have they shown how xbox one crashes? and is all buggy? no. so I don’t get all these retard people automatically believing the rumor is true.

    • Asgard

      “But really! apparently Sony PlayStation 4 is the best console ever, not even a single bug!! /s”
      Hehe yeah… They even changed the whole hardware architecture and OS tech in PS4 so I’m sure there are no bugs :)

      • Ben A

        sorry is no perfect ps4. neogaf are assholes

  • Qurk

    ive seen it in use its perfect all this is nonsense

  • Zdenko

    Should make us nervous that MSFT felt like they had to respond…where there is smoke usually there is fire.

    • Layne-Elda

      They had to reply because if they didn’t, dumbasses will believe the rumors when Microsoft “doesn’t respond.” I’d say a couple of tweets from well known, respected, and trusted (last two may only apply to major nelson), Microsoft reps stating there is nothing to worry about is better than a spokesperson saying “no comment.” That would add fuel to a fire they don’t want burning.

    • nohone

      Right after the X1 was announced, people started making stuff up to try to discredit it. For example, there was one web site that started claiming that Kinect would count the number of people in a room, and if there were too many then it would not allow a movie to be played (a DVD license considers more than a certain number of people a public viewing and not a private viewing).

      Microsoft did not respond to this rumor, so some were claiming that if Microsoft did not deny the rumor, then it must be true. And a number of pro-Sony web sites started printing the same thing. Of course, it was completely made up being Kinect can only count 6 people and the license for DVD is something like (from memory) 10.

      So if Microsoft does shoot down a rumor, then where there is smoke there is fire. But if they don’t shoot down a rumor, then where there is smoke there is fire. It does not make a difference what Microsoft does, people will find some way to attack them to make sure that Google/Apple/Sony/etc. looks perfect and does nothing wrong. Look at Sony’s recent reveal about a day one update. For months, Microsoft said there would be an update that is necessary, Sony fanboys were flooding the net with talk about how horrible it was. Microsoft said that Forza would require a day one update to download some online game code as well as additional tracks and cars. It was proof that GT was a much better game. Sony then announces how half the features that they promised will be a day one download, including a special download just to play DVD/Blu Ray, but that is all good, Sony fans want that so they can get the best and greatest game system possible. Day one updates are just expected these days, and we should want an D1 update.

    • Guest

      Epic logic fail, new troll.

    • steveo99

      In this case, where there is smoke – there are a hundred way too excited sony fangirls typing shite in their basements whilst mummy are telling them to calm it down outside.

    • Blaze Blue

      So full of it

    • Ben A

      so is a bad thing to reply to false rumor accusations. Sony did it, so why can’t Microsoft. hmmmm. your logic don’t make sense.

  • Blaze Blue

    You know what is funny about the ps4 commercials? It’s the fact that they are nothing to do about the system it’s self. Nothing but opera or Broadway musical and a bunch of actors. Where’s the beef?

    • Ben A

      hahah so true. and what’s with the taco bell shitty ad.

  • DarthTigris

    It’s amazing that people are so fanatically loyal to Sony or anti-MS that they put forth this much effort into FUD. Seriously, Sony has to be sitting back and simply amazed at how little effort is required on their part to build up the PS4 due to the efforts of these zealots. What a strange world we live in now …