Microsoft Enables Bing-Powered OCR For SkyDrive Photos

SkyDrive Bing OCR Feature

Microsoft today announced a new feature for SkyDrive photos. Today, in partnership with the Bing team, SkyDrive team released a feature that will make your SkyDrive photos smarter by using OCR (optical character recognition) to extract the text from photos in your camera roll when you view them on

Most of us can think of a time that we took a picture of something that we really just wanted the text from. It could have been a photo of a product label at a store, a picture of a magazine article or ad, or a snapshot of a sign with info you wanted to remember. When you take photos with your Windows Phone (with auto-upload turned on) today, we send them to your SkyDrive camera roll folder. With this new SkyDrive release, our OCR tool will automatically run on your camera roll photos so you can instantly see the extracted text whenever you view your photos on For example, here’s a photo of an artwork label, with the text extracted and shown in the Properties pane.

This new feature will be available in English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, and German  with support for most common picture formats.

Source: Windows Blog

  • S_A_R_K_I_S

    its just gets better and better !! awesome !

  • Vincent Haakmat

    Loooove it!!!

  • Bugbog

    Great feature! Can’t count the number of times I’ve tried to highlight text to copy/paste, only to realise the text is on a photo! :)

  • Charles


  • Allan Cantillo

    Is this accessible some way via Bing SDK ?

  • soder

    The hunger of NSA for more personal data never stops… and we feed them voluntarily.. horrray!!

    • nohone

      The useless comments written by trolls who grasp at straws to find any reason to attack Microsoft never stops. And I guess I just fed them voluntarily.

      • soder

        Did you really believe MS and all other corporate vendors introduce these services (that cost $Bns) for the sake of humanitarianism? And not for having another source of database where they can search with advanced algorithms, and profile the uploader?

  • Yuan Taizong

    Microsoft just keeps on innovating and innovating, I really love the way Microsoft makes their services and software 😀