Microsoft Engineer Defends Xbox One DRM Requirements, Makes Valid Points


A Microsoft Engineer working at Studio A, 40th ave in Redmond, Wa has posted his arguments and views on Microsoft Xbox One’s 24 hours internet requirements, DRM policy and more. This is not a marketing guy’s reply to criticism on Microsoft’s decisions, this seems to be a honest argument/view on all these topics.

Read the whole thing he posted below,

>The thing is we suck at telling the story. The whole point of the DRM switch from disc based to cloud based is to kill disc swapping, scratched discs, bringing discs to friends house, trade-ins for shit value with nothign going back to developers, and high game costs. If you want games cheaper then 59.99, you have to limit used games somehow. Steam’s model requires a limited used game model.

    >The thing is, the DRM is really really similar to steam… You can login anywhere and play your games, anyone in your house can play with the family xbox. The only diff is steam you have to sign in before playing, and Xbox does it automatically at night for you (once per 24 hours)
    >It’s a long tail strategy, just like steam. Steam had it’s growing pains at the beginning with all it’s drm shit as well. […] For digital downloads steam had no real competition at the time, they were competing against boxed sales. At the time people were pretty irate about steam, (on 4chan too…) It was only once they had a digital marketplace with DRM that was locked down to prevent sharing that they could do super discounted shit.
    >Think about it, on steam you get a game for the true cost of the game, 5$-30$. On a console you have to pay for that PLUS any additional licenses for when you sell / trade / borrow / etc. If the developer / publisher can’t get it on additional licenses (like steam), then they charge the first person more. […] If we say “Hey publishers, you limit game to 39.99, we ensure every license transfer you get 10$, gamestop gets 20$” that is a decent model… Microsoft gets a license fee on first and subsequent game purchases, compared to just first now? That’s a revenue increase.
    >Competition is the best man, it helps drive both to new heights. See technology from the Cold War. If we had no USSR, we’d be way worse off today. TLDR: Bring it on Steam :)
    >Yeah we passed that around the office at Xbox. Most of us were like “Well played Sony, Well played”. That being said they are just riding the hype train of ZOMG THEY ARE TRYING TO FUCK US FOR NO REASON. Without actually thinking about how convienent it would be for the majority of the time to not find that disc your brother didn’t put back… […] just simpleminded people not seeing the bigger picture. Some PS4 viral team made them all “U TOOK R DISCS” and they hiveminded.
    >Everyone and their mother complains about how gamestop fucks them on their trade ins, getting 5$ for their used games. We come in trying to find a way to take money out of gamestop, and put some in developers and get you possibly cheaper games and everyone bitches at MS. Well, if you want the @#$@ing from Gamestop, go play PS4.
    >The goal is to move to digital downloads, but Gamestop, Walmart, Target, Amazon are KIND OF FUCKING ENTRENCHED in the industry. They have a lot of power, and the shift has to be gradual. Long term goal is steam for consoles. […] If you always want to stay with what you have, then keep current consoles, or a PS4. We’re TRYING to move the industry forwards towards digital distribution… it’sa bumpy road
    >Publishers have enourmous power. Microsoft is trying to balance between consumer delight, and publisher wishes. If we cave to far in either direction you have a non-starting product. WiiU goes too far to consumer, you have no 3rd party support to shake a stick at. PS4 is status-quo. XB1 is trying to push some things, at the expense of others. We have a vision, we’ll see if it works in the coming years
    >Living room transformation. We want to own the living room. Every living room TV with an XBox on input one. It’s the thing that gives the signal to your TV, everything is secondary. The future, where games, TV, internet telephony, all that shit happens magically on some huge ass screen with hand / voice gestures… That’s our goal.
    >Google TV + PS4 + Minority report level gestures, that combined with a sick second screen experience (which is really hot for TV, I know I know.. tv tv tv tv tv… but it’s fucking sick when you have it). Games will be the same, there are more exclusives to MS then PS atm, and Kinect 2 makes Kinect 1 look like a childs toy.
    >By default it’s on, listening for “Xbox On”. You can turn it off tho, and turn the console like OFF off. OFF off is required for Germany / other countries that require it (no vampire appliances) […] It has to be plugged in for the console to post. You can turn off everything it does from the settings. Think of it like airplane mode for the iPhone. You can’t just unplug the cellular radio, but you can turn it off.
    >Instead of 10mins, is 24hrs for your console, and 1 or 2 at a friends house. Really the majority of people have a speck of internet at least once a day. And if you don’t. Don’t buy an Xbox 1. Just like if you didn’t have a broadband connection don’t get Live, and if you don’t have an HDTV the 360 isn’t that great for you either. New tech, new req. This allows us to do cool shit when we can assume things like you have a kinect, you have internet, etc.
    >Current plan is basically you’re fucked after 24 hours. Yeah… I know. Kind of sucks. I believe they will probably revist the time period and / or find a diff way to “call in” to ensure you haven’t sold your license to gamestop or something… but there is no plan YET. I’m hoping the change it, but I don’t work on that so I don’t have much influence there /sigh
    >If the power goes out you ain’t playing shit. I’m assuming you mean the internet goes out but you have power for TV and Xbox. Yes, You’re fucked for single player games. Again, that’s the PoR (Plan of record), but I expect it to change after the e3 clusterfuck
    >What fee? There is no fee to play your games at your friends house. Never has, never will. Even x360 digital downloads could do that.
    >The cloud capabilities is the shit they like the most. We basically made a huge cloud compute shit and made it free. What people are doing with it is kind of cool. THe original intention was to get all the Multiplayer servers not requiring 3rd party costs (Like EA shutting down game servers to cut costs), as well as taking all the games that servers hosted by the clients (Halo, etc), and have all that compute done in the cloud allowing more CPU cycles for gameplay. That will really expand what developers can do. Anything that doesn’t need per frame calculation and can handle 100ms delays can be shifted to the cloud. That’s huge.
    >SmartGlass + IE is going to be pretty freaking sweet. 1 finger cursor, 2 finger direct manip. Basically if you think of a laptop trackpad where your phone/ slate is the trackpad and the monitor is your TV… it’s that. The tech is there, just needs to be applied. There is some really cool shit going on with Petra + controllers that pairs people with controllers. So if person with controller two trades controlers with controller 1, their profiles magically switch. It’s sick. What does this matter? Now if you lean left/right it knows which person is leaning, even if 4 people are all int he same room. It’s awesome.
    >New service using Azure for cloud compute. Allows developers to not use clients for hosting multiplayer servers, or other tasks that do not require per frame calcuations. It’s pretty sweet.
    >Honestly, if you care about anything other then pure games AT ALL. Xbox 1 > PS4. If all you do is play games, and nothing else, PS4.
    This was all from the Microsoft engineer that was on /b/ last night.
    >It’s not worth my time to prove it, or risk my Job. I work in Studio A, 40th ave in Redmond, Wa. The thai place in the studio cafeteria has double punch wednesdays. Go ahead and call them and verify if you want.

Source: PasteBin

  • aka

    Well, then why the digital sales aren’t day-one $5-$30 but same as retail? Digital expense is only bandwidth, and with a game locked to account you really cannot say anything about ‘used game’. This does not convince me, sorry MS.

    • HypeZ

      we still don’t know the game’s retail price.. i still hope it will be 30$ MAX! A “steam-like” model is cool, with a time longer than 24h for every check/login it can be really cool 😀

      So.. Steam-like prices, 1 connection every week, ability to sell games even via xbox and this will be perfect!

      • Forc3

        Give them Time as this engineer said… they are still debating i dont care about DRM actually I fully understand DRM! Most People who bitch about DRM have no reason!!! if you want the game buy it! help the developers! Reselling games on the other Hand is Kind of legit… but hey I wont resell my game for 5-7 € Oo.

        So.. Steam-like prices, 1 connection every week, ability to sell games even via xbox and this will be perfect!


        • Jason Boyd

          I feel that most people that complain about DRM in general are usually upset because they can no longer pirate those games, which if the case are the type of people who end up causing most DRM

      • Zicoz

        You still have to pay €50+ for new AAA games on Steam though.

        • Nahaz67

          And this is what I am worried about :(

      • Jason Boyd

        Microsoft has already announced new game prices will stay at $60 and not raise this generation, Sony has yet to say anything on the matter.

        And new games don’t just get discounted at launch, even Steam games launch at $60. Bioshock Infinite is still $60 and it has been out since March. Steam though discounts the games faster than retail stores do, and has much better sales than B&M stores. I think the hope is that over time we will see the same thing happen on the X1. Also, remember that Steam never had those type of crazy sales when it first started. Took time for it to become popular enough where it had enough clout to do that with prices.

    • kalval

      Well I know the local game stores in Australia put up a big fight when steam was undercutting them. Originally we paid the same price for new games on steam as in USA (+ a small currency transfer fee), but now we pay exactly the same as retail which is a lot more than the US price. Somehow the retailers have a lot of power here, not sure if its the same elsewhere. But it makes extra sense not to piss them off if you need a console to play the game, because you need someone to recommend and sell the console to users.

      • steveo99

        I was just about to say the same.
        The point he was making – that they have to do things gradually. Gamestop and the likes have too much power, these are the guys who sell your console. If digital was 3/4 of the price then no one would ever buy from Gamestop and they would have no reason to stock the console.

  • Orc

    If price of games comes down, nobody will care about 24h online check.

    • Nahaz67

      I agree, but I don’t see it happening. (greedy game companies) I’m also hoping that I will NEVER be forced to only have the option to download new games off the cloud.
      My Internet is metered. I’m quite happy to buy the physical game and install it from disk, but what some companies have started to do is charge full price for the game box and the disk just has a steam downloader option.
      If the companies producing Xbox One games start to do this in the near future then I will be unlikely to buy the console.

      • Orc

        It has worked very well with steam so far. So it can happen on X1 aswell. Its up to the companys if they want this model to work.

        • Nahaz67

          I’m not saying it won’t work. What I did say is some companies get lazy, charge you full price for a game that YOU think is on DVD, only to find out when you get it home it just has an installer for steam or whatever other online servers are out there. If I buy a box at a game shop I expect the game to be on the DVD. If I buy it online then I expect to download it online, and the cheaper price usually justifies this. What I am saying is I hope game companies don’t take the easy way out. Give us both options for those that are quite willing to pay for it.

          • Figueiredo

            That’s why I will never walk into a Store to buy a PC game again.
            I got my Steam account three years ago. I was 15 years old and it was the first time I was buying something online so I was terrified about it. I bought CS Anthology + Source for about 10€ while on a physical store like Fnac the price would be about 40€. Since then, I already purchased lots of games on Steam simply because it’s the only store where the prices are similar to the United States.
            I’ve few PS3 games since I can’t afford paying 60€ each while they cost about 15€ on Steam.
            If Xbox One works like Steam, and I believe it will, it’s an easy decision for me!
            BTW, I didn’t know metered internet still existed in countries like Australia. In Portugal, we complain a lot about stuff but apparently we have very god telecommunication services for apparently good prices since all the internet plans have unlimited data.

          • Nahaz67

            There are only a few that offer unlimited in Australia and they still attach “Acceptable Use” policies to them. They are also the most complained about networks. The majority of us are still on copper wires but they are replacing it with what they call the “National Broadband Network” but it’s going to take years. I just want to make sure that MS can guarantee that initial game installs can be done either from the Internet or from a bought DVD. If you want to save $20-$30, then get it off the Cloud Server. If the model is a direct copy of Steam then I have no problems with it.

          • Guest

            Yeah, I remember this being an issue back when I was in the military. My buddy bought the Orange box only to discover it was just a cd key with a cd containing a steam installer. We didn’t have a reliable internet connection that could handle that…so it was a useless piece of dead weight lol.

        • Nuno

          It would work, if it actually was like steam…
          But no, microsoft just put the bad things of the digital era and shits in the good stuff so they can get more money.

          The xbox one should be called “Xbox pay me”

          • cryx

            how is it diffrent than steam?

          • Nuno

            The question should be: how can they compare to steam?!
            -steam has lower prices
            -you dont need to pay for playing online and still have dedicated servers, giveaways, promotions + the steamworlkhop that is great 😉
            -you can play offline, you have free weeks and weekends of games, etc

            Xbox one could work if actually it was like steam, but microsoft just wanted to create a digital market without freedom and without vantages when comparing to Ps4 or Pc. I liked xbox original and xbox 360, they were good, bit xbox one is just money graber piece of shit, and I dont see microsoft doing nothing againts that :/

          • Fullmetal99012

            With steam offline, some games won’t work(not faulting steam or Valve on this one). I’ve had issues where an installed game refused to run with steam throwing a “Game not available error”

          • Nuno

            Well I havent got any problems so far.
            Have you contacted steam support?

      • Frax

        When you start saving $20-$30 per game, then you can go for a better internet 😀

        • Nahaz67

          Most of the Internet in Australia is metered. There is no way around it. I hope I start saving money on the games, but it usually doesn’t happen here either. Only those that are lucky enough to live in the USA seem to get all the benefits.

          • Miroslav Kazimirovic

            Oh seriously? I mean I live in Serbia and my internet isn’t metered. Sure it’s more costly than in any other country but at least we have non-metered contracts.

          • RvLeshrac

            I don’t think you’re even going to be able to get a functioning XBox One in Serbia at launch, and you can’t play any games if you import one! I notice that part was left out of the “valid points” above!

          • Arthur Thornton

            Hey now, there are millions of Americans with metered internet (Comcast for the longest time had a 250GB/mo cap which would be five games – I recently heard they temporarily stopped this but I don’t know for sure).

            Where I live I’ve got three options:

            1. dial-up
            2. satellite (which is slow, has massive latency, and is limited to 15GB/mo for $80/mo)
            3. HSPA+ mifi

            I’ve got both of the bottom two and currently pay $240/mo for 20GB through AT&T (on a mobile share plan w/2 phones and a mifi). Keep in mind that America is also behind on network speeds (based on average) compared to many other “first-world” nations. So it is hardly valid to say “those (…) live in the USA seem to get all the benefits” when most Americans are actually well below the worldwide average speed (and have insanely low caps)

          • Nahaz67

            I wasn’t just referring to the internet. It’s also services on the Xbox such as Netflix etc. Also over the Internet downloads should be the same as what the US. pays but with currency modification, but they are not. Windows Phone is another example. An app in the US is 99 cents, but where I live it’s $1.49 or $2.49. If this over the cloud is suppose be cheaper then I’m not seeing it so far.

          • Arthur Thornton

            As an app developer I feel for you on that. Unfortunately, in most stores the prices are set in tiers that the developer can choose (thus, if a dev chooses the $0.99 tier it could be $2.49 AUD or 0.99EUR, etc.)

            My apps were released on/for Palm/HP webOS, where the developer had total control over pricing. Rather than using the suggested pricing I always looked at a valid currency conversion at the time (when I would set it to 0.99USD I would also make it 0.99AUD or CAD, and the lowest NZD I could, etc.)

            As far as Netflix – that’s not something MSFT can control. That’s a licensing problem on Netflix’s side because of the movie industry.

            I certainly misunderstood you but do keep in mind that while it may seem we “get all of the benefits” it’s mostly because lawyers and money get involved in some way to make it that way (such as Netflix, Hulu, etc. being region limited due to licensing agreements)

          • jrdobbsjr

            Sony doesn’t put Netflix, Hulu+, ect behind a paywall….why does M$?

          • Arthur Thornton

            Because they can – plain and simple. People will pay for it.

            I’m not a MSFT sympathizer – I own and use a PS3 and might upgrade to a PS4 but will definitely not get an Xbox 1 because I don’t like the policies MSFT has.

            What I’m saying is that, as a company, they’re doing what their ultimate goal is to do: make money. Should they charge for access to online content that they do not control, nor touch? Absolutely not. Can they? Certainly, because they advertise it as a feature of their online connectivity service (XBOX LIVE).

          • jrdobbsjr

            It just seems silly to me….and counterproductive to the role they say they want for the XBONE and to a lesser extent the 360. The non-gamers who might be interested in the XBONE as the anchor of their home entertainment system should wonder why they need to pay $60/yr for Gold, which is mainly targeted for gamers. Sony was smarter about it…though as a media company themselves, they make Money off Netflix, Hulu, Crackle, ect because they pay for the right to show their IP.

          • Jason Boyd

            While it is pointless, I don’t think it really matters.. it’s just a point people like to bitch about. I highly doubt someone goes and buys a $300 system to just watch Netflix. There are a number of suitable solutions if that is the case. People buy the consoles to play games, Netflix is a secondary/tertiary ability that people use when they already have XBL Gold. I also highly doubt that people are are also buying $60 a year XBL Gold subscriptions just to watch Netflix.

          • Jason Boyd

            That isn’t just localized to Microsoft though, a lot of products that import to Australia are more expensive then just straight across currency exchange. Games for both systems are $98 AUD instead of like $62-$65 after conversion. That most a likely has to do with Government policies regarding trade, and their are probably a few trade barriers in place that raises those prices.

          • Nahaz67

            Yes, you could say that for physical imports, but what about electronic downloads?
            You know Microsoft, Apple and Adobe have been dragged over the coals by the Australian government to explain their excessive pricing here in Australia, so the prices cannot all be trade or import related barriers.
            There is lack of trust in DRM because of reasons like this. If Steam, Microsoft etc cannot show the savings then people will always complain.

          • Jason Boyd

            I get what you are saying. Digitally the prices should be after conversion, why they are not I don’t know. Hopefully we will see quicker price discounts and better sales, but not sure where we need to go to help fix the inflated digital prices in foreign countries, seems to be an issue with a lot of digital content.

          • Fullmetal99012

            My old house internet was quite shit, promising 1.5Mbps speeds and giving under 700kbps. the fiber service is a bit better, running at ~5Mbps. At the university I attend the internet is fantastic giving between 70+ mbps on wireless. however, the IT department has the internet configured in such a way that Xbox 360s can’t connect to live a vast majority of the time. Does this mean that the one might have trouble activating on its 24hr period? That would be a death blow to the xbox one from students who have similar issues.

          • NGM123

            Optus and AAPT offer very reasonable unlimited packages.

          • Nahaz67

            Wouldn’t touch AAPT with a 10 foot pole and Optus unlimited plans are shaped after a certain amount, so not truly unlimited. I have been on so called “unlimited plans” in Australia before and most of the time they either cancel the plan or the company goes bust because they cannot afford to pay for the allocated bandwidth they are supplied. Any, like I said, as long as games keep coming on a physical DVD or Blu-Ray we’ll be okay for a while.

          • NGM123

            Never had AAPT, but Optus is brilliant. $105 per month, 500GB then half speed after that unlimited, includes rental, all local & national calls.
            I’ve tried hard, but I’ve never got close to using 500GB…..yet.

          • Nahaz67

            Well it isn’t going to matter now with MS changing the DRM policies.

          • NGM123


      • cryx

        greedy game companies?they take 1 year of hard work to develop a game…they deserve every penny once used games sales are reduced i’m sure the game prices will decrease

    • NGM123

      Thats IF it happens, & I bet it wont. Happy to be proven wrong tho.

      They should make LOG IN ONCE A MONTH, then everyone wins. They can still control piracy, reduce the price of games and do the things they want, but the consumer can still play a game for a up to a month without the console bricking, so we can still take a console away on holidays or do whatever we LEGALLY want to do without being punished daily like a petulant child instead of a valued customer.

      • Zac Rollins

        Lets go with not a requirement period… but an option. I like taking my systems on the go when i deploy.

      • Kartoonz

        24hr online check is required to control piracy..they also said they are trying to extend that time limit..and i’m sure the prices will go down if used game sales are reduced…steam is the best example

        • jrdobbsjr

          ..they also said they are trying to extend that time limit..

          What a joke….it’s hilarious how many people uncritically swallow M$’s blatant attempt to spin this as something out of their control. It is their System, they can set a new value for the lockout with a few keystrokes. But the truth of the matter is they don’t want to. To them, since they took you to McDonalds and bought you a Happy Meal it’s your duty to put out…and if you don’t they’ll kick you out of the car and let you walk home. Mattick made that crystal clear on camera with his flippant comment about buying a 360.

          • Jason Boyd

            Yah but Mattick is a tool who came from EA.

            Speaking of EA, (this is not directed at you btw) I find it funny when people harp on people about believing what Microsoft says, and then later on talk about how EA said no more online passes, etc. LOL it’s like they won’t believe Microsoft, but they will buy whatever EA says.

          • jrdobbsjr

            True….but the more socipathic…in that it displays a stunning lack of ability to even conceive there might be valid criticisms of their policies….a statement from a M$ big-wig sounds regarding XBONE, the more likely it is confirmed to be true. Not only was Orth right, but the people who canned him display the same attitude, they just use the talking points to express it.

            As far as EA, I think most people assumed that when they initially said that it was only because they had already locked something nasty in with both M$ and Sony that made it unnecessary. With Sony taking the direction they have….maybe they actually have learned from their mistakes, just like Sony seems to have done with the PS3 and the root kit scandal. Back in the early PS3 days Tretton wasn’t all that popular for some of the arrogant things he said or did.

          • Jason Boyd

            Yah I remember those days. EA may truly have changed it ways, which would be good, but I wouldn’t be holding my breath either.

            Also, Microsoft has a tendency to hire people that are horrible at speaking to the public, like Orth, or Mattick for that matter.

          • jrdobbsjr

            I still hate EA…I’ll never forgive them for what they did to the Mercenaries franchise…but I cannot discount that they may actually be on the right side of an issue for once.

            In a way, Orth’s twitter posts were actually refreshing. He was honestly and forthrightly expressing his utter contempt for about 30% of MSFT’s own install base. I have no doubt his former co-workers, and Fearless Leaders, feel the same way. Whether the higher ups at Sony feel the same way I cannot know…though if they are at least smart enough to hide it deep inside.

    • Bugbog

      At release, Microsoft only has to make sure that their digital game downloads are $10 – 20 cheaper than the Disc release, and the disc release $5 – 10) cheaper than that of the PS4 disc, to effectively scupper Sony!

    • Nuno

      thats the only advantage of always online.

      And they screwed by not dropping games prices, and still they compare to steam hahaha, what a joke

      • Jason Boyd

        Games launch on Steam for $60 too. Bioshock Infinite which launched in March is still $60 on Steam.

        Also, Microsoft said they were not raising the game prices due to inflation, and that new games will remain at $60. Sony however when asked declined to comment on what their new game prices would be. They were asked after Microsoft’s game pricing would be. I could be wrong, but I would think that if Sony was planning on undercutting Microsoft in this area they would have jumped at the chance to kick them when they are down. This kind of indicates to me that Sony might be contemplating raising their game prices to $70 to help offset the losses they will be taking on the PS4. Then again they could just be holding it in the wings until all the press dies down to stir it all back up again with lower game prices.. but that would be diabolical 😛

        • Nuno

          Bioshock launched in steam at 50€ and thats good, but competitors of steam selled tge same game at 35€ and thats better, the good part of PC is that there is competition when selling the games. For us, is just clicking origin, steam, etc and see prices 😀
          Microsoft could do that, could drop prices and create a competitive market

  • oldjovian

    “The thing is we suck at telling the story. . . ”

    Man, ain’t that the truth. Microsoft has also had this problem in a big way with Windows 8 and the Surface tablets. They need to do a better job of quickly and simply giving the consumer an idea of what the advantages are of their products. This is a big failure area for Microsoft. If you don’t start off with consumers understanding what is going on, then the competition initiates a hysteria against your product and company. It takes a lot of effort and expense to undo those initial impressions.

    • Bugbog

      I, personally, don’t feel that Microsoft “sucks at telling the story”, I just feel that they lack the ‘sympathy’ of popular media to help them convey the story!

      Usually, when a product is revealed to the ‘world’, it is [usually] the duty of the media services to pass on the message without bias or context, but, as with the review of any WP device, we all know that isn’t the case!

      When in the last 20 years has there been a positive ‘message’ from the press regarding Microsoft releases? True, they report on it, but that’s just because they can’t ignore them! But if they can get away with doing so? Consider it done!

      Recently there was a hullabaloo in the UK media regarding the ease of internet access to Indecent Child-abuse materiel. When listing the ‘big’ internet tech giants the BBC listed Google, Apple & Facebook.???. Where’s Microsoft? As far as I’m aware Apple doesn’t even have a Search engine! It’s uses a portal, provided by third-parties, to access the web

      Again, in the UK press, there has been an accusation levied against Google for dodging tax (the same way it was made against Apple in the US). But when discussion of a boycott of Google services was mooted, it was as if Absolutely No other option existed!! SMH!

      So, while Microsoft may not bang its drums about itself, for anyone that is interested, and looks for the information outside of the mainstream press, it’s [comprehensively] there.

      (IMO they put out more ‘clarifying’ information than any of the other big tech giants!)

      • Sean D.

        Pretty much everything MS does is spoken of in a snide, “we’ll wait and see” tone as if this company hasn’t been at the forefront of technology for damn near 3 decades.

        It seems like too many people want to not only see MS fail, but to be the first person to say they saw it coming, and told everyone about it.

        Whenever I see, or hear the “sky is falling” babble in regard to MS and what they do or release (WP, Surface, W8) I always remind people this is the same things that were said about the original XBox… “It was a fraud, it was a failure, it will never sell, MS is a software company, they can’t compete with Sony let alone Nintendo” blah, blah, and more blah. Look at where the XBox ended up being.

        And this is coming from someone who has always bought Playstations!

        • Jason Boyd

          I agree, I remember all the smack talk about the Xbox original, and then when Sony announced what the PS3 was going to be people were saying the same stuff about the 360, that it’s hardware sucked, and why would people buy something you had to pay to play MP on, or netflix etc etc.

      • Fullmetal99012

        Just look at the EU antitrust lawsuits levied against Microsoft for Including Internet Explorer in windows. the EU forces Microsoft to ship versions of windows without IE included, with a popup allowing browser choice. you don’t see them doing this to apple, who includes Safari with OS X.

      • Karolis Makrickas

        > Bugbog >>> you are wrong. Microsoft also make shananigans with the taxes all the time. And they also have search engine ( And they get bad press for a reason – they just make shity stuff and want for that money.

        • Bugbog

          It’s always been my belief, that one should be measured when levying criticisms. To make he blanket statement that Microsoft makes “shitty stuff” runs the risk of your comment being dismissed out-of-hand.

          Granted, Microsoft may not always produce as good a quality software product as they can (or should), however, without being overly dramatic, the likelihood of you currently having access to a computer or smart device without the 30 year influence of Microsoft? would be extremely slim!

          • Karolis Makrickas

            The likelihood will be the same. Maybe without Microsoft we would live in the better word. Its Apple who invented personal computer and made it popular. Its Apple who brought GUI interface and dictated the trends for everyone else for the last 30 years. Microsoft just rip off and make money with shitty, but why more cheaper stuff.

            Its like that in every other industry. Someone is innovator, everyone else just copy and try to sell cheaper product. People like cheap, ’cause most of them are lazy to work and earn better money, which they can spend on better products.

            Porsche or Ferrari don’t sell the most popular car in the world, but every auto want to be compared with them.

            BTW, I don’t say that Microsoft didn’t invent nothing. They made few innovations, and few good products. But most of them based on the companies Microsoft buy.

  • Android Telegraph

    Hmm, if price of console games does come down, then I have no complaints with this (though my internet connection never goes down, but still, not happy with needing it). At the current $50-60 price tag, console games are too costly here in India compared to PC games (which retail at max $22, boxed copies, Steam is $50-60 as it’s not localized), which means I’ve never thought of buying a console. But if this works, then hey, maybe I’ll get a console too, haha.

  • Thomas

    I hate it that when people write about Xbox One and used games they only ever write about trading in games at Gamestop. This is so far away from my living reality.

    When I’m sick of a game I simply list it on ebay and likewise if I want something new to play I look for used games on ebay. That’s the way I do it since 1999 at least with about half a dozen of game systems by now and I pretty much want to continue being able to do that.
    So far I’m none the wiser. Will I be able to buy used games from ebay sellers or not? Will I be able to list my used games there or not?

    I don’t care by the way about popping in the media when I want to play something. I understand why it’s required and I’m fine with it.

    Last point, will it be possible to import games and play them on a Xbox One when the publisher does not intend to release a game in your country of residence? This is very important to know for us here in Germany as quite a few games are not censored to appease the “USK” but they are not even sold at all here. (Think the Crackdown series as example). Today I can simply order such a game in the UK or Austria and play it here in my console bought in Germany. I also pretty much want to be able to do this in the future.

    • Machaira

      X1 is region locked so imported will not be possible.

  • Azjerei

    A lot of “shit” and capital letters… shut up and take my money!

  • Negate

    Sony already said they were going to do the above in order to make games more affordable.

    Xbone can still suck it!!

    • Forc3

      BUt you know Games will still be cheaper on X1… developers love drm they know: less cheap, more buys but no drm less buy :/

      • NGM123

        There is some rationale there. One of the main reasons blu ray beat HD DVD was because of the additional DRM, however a more flexible approach is required here.

    • Zicoz

      Has Sony said anything when it comes to sharing digital games? I know you can give your friend a disk, but what about digital games?

  • kalval

    If you consider that before the end of this console cycle most sales on PS4 and XBO are probably going to be digital, then the xbox starts making more sense. If you buy a game digitally on the PS4 who can play it? Just you on your own console. If you buy a digital game on the XBO you and 9 other family members can play it on either your console or any other XBO console. It may be less convenient for a few years, but Microsoft’s policy is more future proof.

    • Ujn Hunter

      Yes because it’s awesome when Grandma logs into my account and earns a bunch of Achievements on my gamertag for games that I haven’t been able to play yet.

      • Decoys

        Hey, enjoy your free points. Haha.

      • Batman

        No, that’s what would happen on the PS4 NOT the XBOX. Essentially you can make 10 different accounts on the XBOX under you’re account and everyone in those ten accounts has access to you’re games not you’re saves or achievements. You’re a moron learn to read.

        • Ujn Hunter

          Someone who doesn’t know the difference between “your” and “you’re” shouldn’t be calling anyone a moron. Learn to spell. 😉

  • NGM123

    Sorry, I don’t buy it. Now we are to believe that DRM is for our own good so they can reduce the price of games?? I’m happy to eat my words if this turns out to be true, but I’m calling BS on this. DRM is fucked and the only reason it’s there is to try to control the market in their favour. Cut out the middle men, save 70% and pass on 10%.
    I’m a big fan, but gimme a break, this 24 hour compulsory log in DRM shit is totally fucked.

    It’s like, I buy my new car, but every night I have to plug it in to the factory via the internet to make sure I haven’t fitted any non genuine parts. If I have, I can’t drive my car, get fucked! This is so anti consumer and a restraint of trade for the second hand market, I can’t beleive they can get away with this shit.
    I often play offline for hours at a time, so 99% of the market are being screwed so they can control the 1% ! Cry me a river MS, this is a woefully bad decision and no matter how much sugar u sprinkle on top of this turd, it’s still a turd !!

    • Bugbog

      I abhor DRM in all its forms. That said, there are always certain exceptions to the rule. If you are buying particular devices (Kindle, Smartphones, Nintendo DS, et.c), then it’s a given that they are [by their very essences] locked (or controlled) devices! If you don’t like the policy, don’t buy them! (I usually don’t).

      Anything digital for standalone devices (i.e set-top boxes,, that doesn’t require constant verification to access or retrieve, I usually give a considered pass. Especially once all the kinks have been worked out.

      If you are unhappy with that, stay with the tried and true methodology (i.e. Xbox 360 & PS3/4) and, maybe, revisit the XB1 a couple of years down the line.

    • shivapb80

      i am not sure why your comment was downgraded but you are right.

    • himura_kenshin

      I believe that the crazy sales on Steam are all the proof you need that rock-solid DRM *can* allow for publishers to lower prices. Obviously, Steam on the PC is not the same thing as the Xbox One. We’ll have to see how that plays out. My suspicion is that we won’t see much of a change in pricing from the current model.

      Your new car “analogy” is one I’ve seen many times on forums and is so far off from being a comparison of the two scenarios that I struggle to even consider it one. Here’s what it’s more like:

      You buy a new car that you can get into, use all the features and drive at the push of a button. However, once every 24 hours you need to put the key in the ignition to verify that you aren’t a car thief. If you don’t, you can still get into the car, open the windows and listen to the radio, etc. – but you can’t start the engine and drive.

      Xbox One introduces a new paradigm to console gaming, one where discs are simply one-time use delivery method to get the 1s and 0s that make up the game installed onto your console’s hard drive. After that, you put the disc away and never need it again. Because the system doesn’t need the disc in the drive to play (a DRM system enforced on PS3, PS4 and Xbox 360), new gaming opportunities open up:
      1. You don’t need to swap discs to switch which game you want to play.
      2. Fast switching of games (like playing one game while waiting for matchmaking to take place in another game).
      3. Your entire game library moves with you from system to system because it’s all tied to your account (not just digital purchases but disc purchases as well). So if you go to a friend’s house, do you don’t have to lug your games with you – just log in to Live and it’s all there.
      4. Lending physical discs to friends are limited to once ever, but why would you? Just add the person to your list of 10 Friends and Family and they have access to not just that one game, but your entire game library to play whenever they want (assuming that you’re not playing that title already at the time).
      5. Trade-ins and purchases of used games will be frictionless for the consumer (probably a bit of a pain for GameStop, BestBuy or Amazon) and at no additional cost to the consumer or the middle-man.

      The Xbox One’s authentication features are a tradeoff for what is
      otherwise a significantly more useful, convenient and very consumer-friendly system. The checks are not in place specifically to prevent piracy (although that is a convenient side-effect), it’s just there to make sure that since you last checked in, you haven’t traded the game in (or loaned the physical copy of the disc to a friend) – one copy of a game can’t be in two places at once, after all.


      Now, all that being said, I really do believe that there is room for improvement on the system. There are situations where internet connectivity is limited – vacation destinations, military deployment overseas, visiting family members in rural areas without broadband, etc. It’s really not fair to not have a fallback plan. My suggestion would be to have a “travel” mode that users can put their account in before going offline – your shared games library is disabled and locked to your system only. Games that were originally installed from disc fall back on disc-checking for authentication – as long as you physically have the disc in the drive, you can play as long as you want. This also provides a natural and graceful way to calm users fears about how they will be able to play games after Xbox One authentication servers are shut down many years from now.

      • rmagruder

        See my other post. The record labels once promised that the price of CD’s would come down as they got cheaper to make. Didn’t happen. You simply do NOT give this kind of power to publishers. They will renege and laugh all the way to the bank.

        • cryx

          but didnt services like itunes amke it cheaper?

          • Bush O Connor

            music is still the same price on itunes as it was to buy an album in the 90’s, only difference is you can buy a single song.

      • Nahaz67

        Loved your analogy at the end, and Microsoft should actually look at doing something like this. At least your approach makes more sense than cutting a user completely off after 24 hrs

      • Kathleen Ann Coleman

        I love your ideas at the bottom of your post. They wouldn’t fix everything, but they do a great job at addressing one of the key issues people have with Xbox One. Nice work. :)

    • cryx

      its much more than 1% my friend

    • Gary Leadbeater

      im sick of seeing the car analogy’s no matter who owns the car the goverment always make more money of the customer in road and fuel tax and thats after they have had the 20%vat from the original sale microsoft want there road and fuel tax and i cant blame them for that

      • NGM123

        Your comment makes absolutely no sense.There is tax on the XBox, games and all ongoing costs as every product sold, how is that relevant?

        The analogy with the car is correct, it’s about plugging it in and the manufacturer deciding if you proceed or not, that analogy is correct.

  • steveo99

    I believe MS are doing the right thing and this would be the future model If new games can be cheaper, I’m all for it. Sony would then copy this model as if nothing happened. Sony also adopted Xbox Live pricing when initially they said multiplayer would be free – I guess they found out that it could not be sustained.

    • Jason Boyd

      Well when PS3 launched their network was a joke, security was pretty much non-existent. I always heard complaints about download speeds and what not. Then when PSN was compromised and down for a month Sony had to really evaluate their network and security and rebuild it. I think they found that such a network was costly to maintain and to make it better over time they needed to charge to use it. I for one believe that the millions and millions of XBLG subscriber revenues coming in is one of, if not the, reason they upped XBL server capacity from 15,000 to 300,000.

      PS4 users may not like paying for PS+, but it will pay off for them in the long run as Sony takes those revenues and puts them back into the network.

  • donzebe

    I rather go with Microsoft ( MS ) model at least Publishers are protected and will help reduce pirating. What sonny PS4 is doing is promoting pirating. In my estimation, MS model will attract big game publishers and at the long run many gamers will know it is the best way to go.
    Microsoft is taking the lead moving technology the direction it is going.
    The CD/DVD is already a dead technology just like the tape I hope many Gamers realized that.

    • laserfloyd

      I feel it was a good move to include the optical disc drive on the XB1 but in a few years I can see this going away completely.

  • Drake

    Got it. Steam model resulting in cheaper games. Thanks. We’ll see.

  • Tishawn Fahie

    Excellent read! I finally realize what Microsoft is going for! I already prerecorded mine and cant wait to have it! I love my xbox and i’m sure i’ll love this one as well!

    The truth is you guys do suck at story telling. Hire somebody who can spin shit around. Find another Steve Jobs.

  • Moro77

    What a bunch of sh*t arguments,sorry MS i stopped reading your bs at “scratched discs”.. Blu-ray Discs don’t scratch,funny you call yourself a ms engineer without knowing that br discs don’t scratch unless you scratch it on purpose with something sharp.

    • Machaira

      You obviously don’t have kids or pets. : What happens if your console gets moved when a game or movie is being played? It’s happened to more than one person I know.

    • donzebe

      There is no scratch proof disc.
      All discs scratch.

    • NGM123

      You Sir win the prize for “Chump of the Month”

  • Moro77

    What a bunch of crap defending, especially this line ” scratched discs” ,in case you have been living in cave somewhere in Afghanistan..have I got some great news for you..BLU-ray discs don’t scratch..amazing tech isn’t it?
    Funny that a ms engineer doesn’t know a fact that has been known for years.

    • donzebe

      All discs scratches.

  • Moro77

    What a bunch of crap defending, especially this line ” scratched discs” ,in case you have been living in cave somewhere in Afghanistan..have I got some great news for you..BLU-ray discs don’t scratch..amazing tech isn’t it?
    Funny that a ms engineer doesn’t know a fact that has been known for years!

    • NeutralbutEducated

      They do scratch. As a matter of fact I bought a used copy of Uncharted 2 and I would get so far and the game would foul out. It was an inperceptible hairline scratch.

    • laserfloyd

      They can get lost, stolen, and can break.

  • Josh

    Digital only console is not gonna happen, stop trying to force it. Download speeds, hard drive space, bandwidth limits, increased size of games (dual layer blu-ray is what, 50 gigs?!)… plus, you can’t trade in your digital download to help fund new purchases. You are also essentially competing with Amazon, Game Stop, Wal-Mart… yeah…. not gonna happen.

    • timotim

      Both MS and Sony will have digital versions of their disc based counterparts on sale in their respective online stores day and date. However, all games must be installed on the HDD in both cases. The main difference is that MS has an opportunity to make both consumers and devs/publishers happy (which in turn benefits them a great deal), while sony is only benefiting the consumer.

      • Josh

        Giving the consumer the choice is one thing, i.e. physical or digital. Not giving the consumer the choice is another, i.e. digital only. The plan Microsoft has proposed is currently not feasible with our current internet infrastructures, among many other reasons.

        • Gary Leadbeater

          and thats why there is both digital and disc based versions on both consoles within in the next decade it will go fully digital even sony knows this but havent really prepared to well for when it happens

  • techgeek360

    I think its going to be tough for people to grasp this concept. There is a lot of simple minded people in this world that will never get it. So quickly people forget about playstation being hacked and being down for well over a month. The xbox one is made to connected and I don’t buy that people can’t find a internet connection. Even my parents out in the boonies have a cell phone they use a hotspot.

    • Ujn Hunter

      You seem confused. One minute your talking about the faults of the system… and then you’re saying it’s okay because even people out in the boonies have a cell phone?

  • MGRex91

    Please answer this… wth is going to happen with my games when you decide to shut down the servers dedicated to those specific games… will i be able to keep playing the single player content at least?!

    • Tom V.

      as it stands right now, according to their current policies, no. and that i disagree with, especially if they are going for “steam on consoles” because steam lets me play offline without the need to check in should i lose internet. if they mimic steam exactly, i would buy the xb1. but the subtle differences make it or break it for me.

    • laserfloyd

      A good question but consider this: The game Asheron’s Call, an MMO of a bygone era (circa 2000?). Their servers are still available and people still play that game. I recently wanted to go back for a trip down memory lane and WOW (pun!) we’ve come a long way in MMOs. :)

      • Ujn Hunter

        Consider this: The original Xbox released in 2001. Xbox Live was introduced to the system in 2002. Xbox Live was shutdown on the original Xbox in 2010. You can no longer download or play any DLC or game patches on the original Xbox. If the same happened on Xbox One, your entire console and the digital ones and zeros inside becomes a giant paperweight.

      • MGRex91

        Yes, but for example (if I’m not mistaken) Halo’s 1 and 2 servers were shut down… In this case that would make you unable to play the campaign on those games wouldn’t it?

        • Vengeance417

          Halo 1 never had servers >.>

          • gaugebozo

            You had to connect to the Xbox servers in order to handle matchmaking. Those are no longer online. You can’t play Xbox games online anymore.

  • Tom V.

    except if my internet is down and i try to start steam, it will tell me there is no internet and ask if i would like to start in offline mode from which i can then play any of my single player campaigns for as much time as i want. steam doesn’t need to “check-in” once a day, nor does having not signed in at all in a while hinder the amount of time i can play offline before another check-in. i like ALL the benefits of what MS is doing and the potential of all the tech should they actually implement it properly at launch, improve it over time and really take advantage of their tech/infrastructure supporting the One, but there is NO NEED to make offline play dependent on internet. it should be exactly like steam. now if only we start to see Xbox One games go on flash sales for mere dollars. If MS did that and fixed how playing offline is handled, I would buy the XB1 and not care that i can’t lend my friend a physical disc without worrying about drm, just like steam.

    • fath3r

      is true, but you can’t share games on steam either. I personally love the idea of sharing games with my brother that live 5000 miles away.

      • Tom V.

        i know. but what im saying is i can look passed not having that freedom with my game (lending, trading in, etc.) if the games, just like on steam, are cheaper and go on flash sales. i don’t agree if they are going to push always on drm and continue to charge 59.99 because then that would contradict the reasons they are pushing always on. and, i also still don’t agree that always on should entail having to check in daily or at even at all. you don’t need to check in with steam, so you shouldn’t have to check in with the xbox one either. i see absolutely no benefit from the act of checking in.

        • timotim

          The reason for the check in is because Steam is digital only, where as Xbox One is digital and disc based. Its because of the disc based users that could then give their disc to someone else after installing the game that MS is worrying about. A digital game is easy to track…its automatically tied to your account and no other way to give it to someone else. BUT, MS is allowing for more methods than Steam by also keeping retailers happy with discs. Passing around discs to your whole family/friends would get out of control (even in a week), to the point that most can complete a campaign and play crazy amounts of hours of multiplayer in that time span…in a month they could install and play 5-8 games before MS found out. Doing that would only keep prices the same and keep devs/publishers unhappy. So MS has to do a check every 24 hours to ensure that games are not being passed around to 20 different people who are all playing it at the same time.

          That’s the big difference. Even though I can pass out my copy of Halo right now to a friend for him to play, and even though he gets unlimited access to the game, only ONE person can play it at a time, we can not both play Halo at once nor can anyone else using that same disc, but now that every game is installed on the HDD (thanks to blu-rays crappy read speeds), it means that I now could install the game then pass the disc on to multiple friends to do the same thing…we could then all be playing at the same time using just one copy sold to do it. So MS made the share library feature which gives access to of your library to 10 different people…except just like before, only one can be playing said game at a time.

          • Tom V.

            Thanks for the info. And those 10 people can be any 10 you choose?

          • timotim

            That’s my guess, yes. I currently use the Xbox Live Gold Family Pack. It does give access to Xbox movies and Xbox Music Pass, along with Netflix and other services that the main account has to whoever you included in your “family”. To include someone in your family you need to add them to your list (4 people), by getting their Microsoft Account email and password (they can give it to you, or come over and punch it in themselves). My guess is that this list will work very similarly.

  • koenshaku

    The reasons this is bad for 1. it is up to the consumer to choose the value of their purchased game they can put it on craigslist if they wanted more value than that offered at gamestop.

    2. I already have steam which is less restrictive if I wanted steam in my living room I would move my PC in there.

    3. bad for the economy businesses like gamestop would suffer greatly to the point of bankruptcy if everyone embraced a digital model on the console.

    4. chooses how you use your games, how many people you can share them with and who you can give it to.

    5. Sony’s PS4 does none of this and it is a more powerful console.

    6. Cloud computing your brother starts streaming some porn on his pc and your ends because you don’t have the bandwidth to continue playing or slows miserably? Sure this will likely happen in multiplayer anyway but to a less degree. I see no pluses here aside for the prices if they have steam like sales I would be interested if not then it was very presumptuous for MS to force this on console gamers like this…

    • anezarati

      can not tell if /s or not ha

      “bad for the economy businesses like gamestop would suffer greatly to the point of bankruptcy” really?!

      • NinjaX3

        Same goes to developers, really??

      • Jason Boyd

        GameStop going bankrupt would be great for the industry lol, they give gamers squat for their games and then charge them $5 cheaper than retail to buy it used.

        The loss of quality developers due to piracy and used game sales will have a much larger effect than GameStop. We lost THQ not to long ago, although most or all of their IP’s were sold off.

  • Irrem

    Moving forward just for the sake of moving forward whether people like it or not, isn’t the best policy in my opinion.

    Gamestop is far from the only option for used games, but all these pro-xbone arguments treat it like the only used game choice… I prefer ebay and local shops myself (as do most of my friends, in fact)

    Things moving towards digital is great, i buy digital music, partially because its cheaper, but here’s the thing…. I would never buy it if I couldn’t have it backed up on my external hard drive, or burn copies to a disk (just in case, sorry i’m not so trusting to believe for certain i can ALWAYS re download it in the rest of my future) and as long as I can’t do that with my games, I’ll say no thanks. I have no intention of buying something that can never truly be mine.

    If you like the xbone and all its new hardware/software/philosophies, that’s fine, enjoy it, but don’t act like the company isn’t actively ignoring or cutting out altogether half (probably more) of its audience so that it can be “innovative” just for the hell of it.

    • BrianCalhoun

      Used games regardless of where you get them don’t pay the developers for making the product you’re enjoying.

      • Ninjax3

        But the product was already paid, at full price by the original owner. If I buy a new IPhone and get tired of it I can sell it if I want, or a computer, or a fricking pair of jeans, thats what freedom is all about. Xbox1 and his DRM policy its all fucked up, can’t believe people are believing all that BS that they will cut their price and that poor developers are starving to death and get no revenue, if that was case, there would be NO developers, that simple, fricking reminds me of Metallica complaining and supporting DRM policy against Napster, fucking millionaries crying because they cant get their latest jet plane.

      • Irrem

        Your right. Just like the money from every other used item we can buy doesn’t go to the original creators. Ever buy a used piece of furniture from Craigslist? or a used CD, movie or book from ebay, perhaps? Now why should one type of item get special treatment?

  • Matt Paprocki

    *Sigh* You can lower prices now. We should have tiered software prices already, but every publisher wants $60 a pop, even for low tier software. That’s why so many lead to failure. Hell, $60 ones sell three to five million copies and still fail. How do you botch your business model that badly?

    Used games are a non-issue. Never have been the problem, other than a created one. They’re a sign of a healthy free market. The very trade-in value he speaks of goes toward new games. That’s why GameStop is crucial to the ecosystem. They’re not a villain. Why else do publishers bow down and offer them so many exclusives? There is BILLIONS in trade-in credit sitting there that can’t be spent anywhere else but the gaming industry. That is far more valuable than private sale.

    Never mind MS’s methods also kill personal resale on eBay, Amazon, and Craigslist. MS is killing preservation efforts with their methods too for short term sale. It’s a great idea to kill future play for the sake of a one month sale period, where few copies are being traded in anyway to actually impact new sales.

    I’m sorry, but scratching/losing discs is not something I do. Careless people who don’t care for their $60 games is not an excuse to sabotage our software rights.

    This WILL NOT be like Steam. Evidence points to the opposite. Microsoft has XBLA games sitting on their service that have never been on sale or seen a price drop since launch of the 360. It is a system designed for control over how, when, and where you play. The absolute absurdity that it is of any benefit to me as a consumer that I can share with 10 people as opposed to the unlimited number I can share with now is insulting.

    If game developers are closing, don’t take it out on the consumer and try to sell it as “the future.” It’s short-sighted idiocy. Every consumer product has a free market where people resell and trade. All of them. If you can’t survive, then you fail as a business. If your costs are too high, you cut them.

    Telling me I need to prove I’m an honest customer every 24 hours, or every month, or even once a year, is preposterous. Don’t tell me it’s better.

  • Dunimis

    Sorry, Microsoft tech. I’m not buying it. DRMs are just plain restrictive to consumers. New tech does not give you a license for burdensome regs at the expense of your customers. What if I want to play totally offline? What if I am going through hard times and want to save a little money by cutting my Internet connection? My friends happen to play totally offline. Yes, they do not have Internet. What if I want to share a game with a friend who has crappy Internet. With this push for digital distribution, that becomes a huge hassle (download times, etc). Easier to just bring my physical disk and pop it in, rather than wait for it to download. Sharing between accounts is another step to make it less appealing. Digital distribution is convenient only for some, but physical media should always have a place. All I am asking for is the option to download or buy physically.

    Kinect? I do not want Kinect. I never wanted Kinect. Kudos to those who do. But give me a controller so I can sit in my recliner without waving my arms and yelling at the TV. Sure, Kinect has some nice features. I’m sure people will like it when you present a more meaningful game that properly utilizes it. But give me an OPTION.

    Why does everyone keep bringing up Steam? Yes, Steam is nice. I have a Steam account myself. Steam is a nice OPTION. But I can buy my games through other means as well. I understood Steam’s terms when I bought the game online. However, there are plenty of ways to get the same games offline. So I do not have to use Steam. You are making your way the ONLY way. It is not an option. It is a requirement, compared to Sony who has flexibility. Sony has listened to what gamers want. MS is only into their “vision” and “plan”. We consumers are being told to “deal” with it and “get over it” by Microsoft. Fine. I’ll deal…. with Sony. They seem to want to take the extra mile to address my wants. Frankly, MS exclusives are not all that great anyways. The best games are cross platform.

    My problem with this whole thing is not the new technology that Microsoft is attempting to use. Technology is great. My problem is their willingness to present their “vision” as the only vision. Want to play offline? Too bad. Don’t want to pay for the extra features? Too bad. No Internet? Too bad. Want to share your games like you used to? Too bad. Oh, by the way, Xbox One is the future. Well, I can say personally that you will not be in MY future. I refuse to buy a console from a company that turns such a deaf ear to their consumers. MS only shows an arrogance that their way is the best way, and screw anyone who thinks otherwise. If all your features were optional, I would totally be on board. Now, I spend time warning my gaming friends away. And believe me, they are abandoning ship as fast as I am.

    • himura_kenshin

      When was the last time you went to a store to buy a PC game, opened the box, and didn’t find a code to link your game to Steam, or Origin? The days of having a standalone, 100% offline PC game experience died long ago and Steam really brought that death faster than piracy ever could have. The last PC game I bought in a retail store had a disc with the Steam client pre-installed on it and a code to download the game from Steam directly. No actual game content was on the disc.

      • Dunimis

        Frankly, the last time I purchased a PC game was 1 month ago when I downloaded it from a legit website that gave me my CD key and put the installer on my PC. From there, I installed it on my PC. So while it was digital, I did not have to be online to play. I payed with paypal and gave them my email address. I bought Roller Coaster Tycoon (oldie but goodie).

      • dudie

        Yes, steam sales are high. But you can play offline ,right ? RIGHT ? Man, clear your fucking head.

        • himura_kenshin

          I said nothing about sales prices on Steam. I just said that when I bought a retail packaged game from a brick and mortar store, I still had to install the game from Steam. If I didn’t have internet, I could not have even installed the game. The idea of 100% offline gaming on PC (for modern and future games) is dead, buried and rotted.

    • BrianCalhoun

      Just pay for the damn games. I’m tired of people saying they want to screw developers because they feel they should be able to buy games 5 or 10 dollars cheaper. And people crying about the kinect might as well be sad the WiiU doesn’t cost 250 because it includes the Wii tablet controller.

      • Dunimis

        I will pay for the games… for Sony. You are just spouting what Microsoft is spewing, which is “deal with it”. Developers are making plenty of money, or they would not be in the business. This attitude that they should be able to squeeze every possible drop of money from the gamers will be their downfall. The Wii is a different type of device. It was its own (offline) console. Hey, did not want to use the controller? You could even try to use Gamecube controllers (not that it would work for all games), but it was there for your use.

  • Ujn Hunter

    Still don’t see how spending $500 for Microsoft’s “Steam” (as you call it) is a good idea. Even if every game on your system was sold at $1-10, why wouldn’t people just buy those same games on a less restrictive system like Steam in the first place? Hello? Anyone home?

  • MatthewMelange

    I like how he claims that games will become cheaper due to drm, but digital sales on E.A.’s origin are still 60 dollars.

    I’m calling bullshit marketing ploy on this

    • jon

      no , they had bf3, sim 3 for 5 dollars a couple days ago

  • Jdrm03

    Everybody knows that we are heading towards an all digital future, but Microsoft’s approach is completely wrong and their pr has been nothing but a nightmare. Seriously how could Don Mattrick go on record saying those that may not have an internet connection or steady internet connection can still buy the xbox 360? Seriously, that was straight up saying go buy a ps4.
    Microsoft should have implemented a much smother transition to a digital system then what they are doing now and they rightly so deserve the negative feedback they are getting.

  • ChuckJ

    Good interview, but sure would be nice, and professional, if he could do it with out dropping the F bomb or other curse words every other sentence.

  • rmagruder

    Something to ponder when you hear “the price of games will go down once we get this cool DRM thingy working”:

    “The record labels promised that the price of CDs would come down eventually. And the discs did get cheaper — to make. But the labels kept retail prices – and profits – high. Jac Holzman says that was a mistake. “It’s fine to keep that up for two or three years. But the labels kept it up far too long. And I think it was a fraud on the public, and on the artists.” –

    History repeats itself. The game publishers are not going to start selling us Gears of War and Halo for $30 if we’ll just let them have their DRM. Not going to happen. And once they have us DRM’ed, there’s zero incentive for them to keep their promises.

    • Ninjax3


    • Seansjohnson

      Can you explain Steam and its DRM and why the price of games drop months after they come out?

  • ENavro

    Pretty refreshing look at the MS strategy. It makes a bit more sense to some people that others. Good thing is both bring in a distinct value proposition, bad thing is they are both pricey, 400 to 500 is cut pretty slim once retailers start offering discounts… They both sort of require online membership. MS will require it period, even for Netflix. PS will require it for multiplayer, but in reality if the value proposition of Sony is hardcore gaming, then you wont be watching Netflix, you will be multiplayer gaming…

  • Biz

    You can’t even possibly compare steam to this. You don’t have to be online to play your games, thats the difference here. That will always be the difference. The whole idea looks destined to fail to me. I guess we’ll see though.

  • Iceburgh

    My biggest beef with MS has to do with why should I pay through the nose for an OS when I can use a free one?

  • V1ado

    Well, I learned more about the xbox from some random “good guy” engineer than hours of presentations at E3 and before…

    The retailers won’t like the xbox one at all… if they are trying to gradually cut the off from selling boxed games.. ya, good luck with that.

    Otherwise.. I like what MS are doing here.

  • HmoudAdel

    All though your storytelling was full of swearing. But you made amazing great points. Well said

  • JamesT

    Good to hear all of this from someone at Microsoft instead of all the pathetic speculation. My Wii & 360 have been connected to the internet 24/7 for 6.5 years now – if you’re home internet still can’t do that, you’re not ready for the future of gaming. I have 100s of games I haven’t even played sitting around – I bought them because I want to support devs who make good games. The 360 console cycle has been so long, people have forgotten what innovation and progress look like. Bring on Xbox One.

  • scott

    “As it happens, the first company #PRISM tapped for the program was Microsoft way back in 2007.

    Now that the NSA has apparently unlimited access to Microsoft servers, the notion of a camera in our homes watching us at all times and storing biometric data on Microsoft servers is downright appalling.”


  • cdillard12

    The guy kinda knows what he is talking about but I don’t totally agree. First some people still like to have disk/hard copy games. I am one of them, don’t know why but I like having the box and all, but also if i’m going to pay the same price for digital and hard copy might as well get the hard copy. Yes, people do complain about getting less money for their games, but they still want to sell them. Even Gamestop know that most people that sell their used games, use the money to buy more new games. That is why I could make the argument that if you get rid of the used games market it might hurt sale in the future. Some people do complain about the price of games, but still do understand the transaction cost (packaging, supply lines, etc.). People stop complaining about Steam because it did have lover prices, so the question becomes why are digital sales still $60? According to this guys argument they should be lower if you use the Steam model. MS tries to make it seem like they are the only device with hand gestures and voice control for your TV but there are TVs that do that. I think one of the things that “real” and “hardcore” gamers want is games. We don’t need hand gestures, we don’t need a blu-ray player, and we don’t need to be able to search the internet on my gaming console. We want to be able to use the internet only for online play. Finally this guy broke his own argument down in the end when he said when he basically said if you don’t have internet buy something else. I mean like he said they are trying to do cool stuff but the problem is they are forcing something that people may not have or want. My laptop work best with the internet, but I am still able to do the basic functions (word, excel, powerpoint, etc.) without it. When I buy a phone the one thing it needs to be able to do without any other features is make a phone call. When people buy a gaming console they expect to be able to game with no restrictions right out of the box, why because that is the purpose of a “gaming” console.

  • Albert

    I have no problem with DRM, I do have a problem that we are going to have region lockouts. This reminds me of the days when DVDs had region locks in place. And look how that worked out most DVD players are now region free. Hoping Microsoft see the light and change some off there polices

  • RJ GG

    Good to know, but still… , I wont risk it, some months ago there was a week or two when my internet access suddenly stop working and it took my cable company one week to figure out what was going on. Those days i wanna play offline, i want to be able to use my 500 dollar worth device. I will probably end up buy both consoles as i like some exclusive games, but right now it is ps4 for sure, xbox one maybe. Also, xbox one’s spoke persons dont help at all with their arrogance, that alone could make me lean towards not buying their console.

  • Mehh

    Thats a fascinating story about making game cheaper and helping anyone but what MS actually did? Price for console is higher, disc prices will stay same, you put lots of mandatory shit into “must have list”, you still charge for internet, you accent onto social services. Where are pros? You just take away things people would like to have, like disc trade and give nothing on return.
    Therefore I’m pretty sure xbox fanbois will be glad to believe this bullcrap but I won’t. It’s pretty clear all you have in mind is to get another diamond room in your gold palace, and I’m actually glad sony didn’t support this enforced DRM shit.

    • DavidMagnus

      Then just don’t buy the Xbox, what’s the point on insulting? The PS4 offers you a product you are glad with..Why come and waste your time on a comment for something that you are so sure you are not buying?

      • Mehh

        Why I “waste” my time on a comment, but I don’t think someone, who uses “don’t like, don’t comment” trick in argument will understand.
        Firstly welcome to the internet, people comment here a lot on irrelevant stuff, and they may comment badly on stuff you like, learn to deal with it. Now I’m neither for Sony nor for MS in buying consoles, I prefer PC even though I own a console, but the truth is, if console gaming market is not outright dictates how things are going it’s pretty close to it. The more abuse people may swallow the more will be imposed on them later, it’s kinda like it was with SOPA and PIPA but on much smaller scale. I don’t really wanna find myself in 10 years knee deep in DRM, mandatory internet, having to buy stuff I don’t need because I need about 20% of package etc. Thats why I care

        • DavidMagnus

          Thanks for the warm welcome, but I am not new to the internet. If you think that through these kind of channels, and using the name Mehh, you will raise your voice against DRM or that you will secure a better future for yourself, then think again! And in the last part of your reply you are contradicting yourself, because that is the whole point of making the games digitally available, so that you don’t have to pay for the packaging and the distribution and the marketing that goes for the game. That is the 20%. And one thing is criticizing and another thing is to insult. You could give your opinion without having to insult other people that don’t share your point of view!

          • Mehh

            I merely pointed out contradiction in my first post, I don’t believe I can actually change anything by commenting or even bigger doings, nobody cares about people commenting on the internet so all we do is just killing our time. And well my name is my general reaction in picking names in general rather than the topic.
            Now again I do not see how this does anything to help switching to digital distribution. More than that many people did point out that absolute digital distribution won’t ever happen because some people just like to collect physical objects, GBs on your hardware just do not feel same.

  • DavidMagnus

    I actually agree with the post above. Everytime you buy a game for like $60 after a month or so if you want to sell it in any gameshop they will only take it for a shit price like $15 while thy would still sell it for like $50…If I want to pass it to a friend, I do’n’t see the problem that this friend has to be in my list for at least 30 days. If it’s trully your friend, then he should be in your list even longer than that. If your intention is to buy the Xbox one to only be selling your games one week after you have used them, then buy a PS4. Nobody is forcing you to buy the Xbox.

  • mikepr6

    i think i figured out the best way to fix this DRM prob let say you bought the game, and inside the disc it comes with a code that you download to your xbox and that same code is the code that you need to verify every 24 hours. Ok lets say you miss the 24 hour, you wont be able to play the game until you can verify the code so at this point what you need to do in order to play the game again is to put the disk that you bought confirming that your the owner of the game since the disk has a specified code it will confirm that you are the owner of the game and that you haven’t sold it or pirated it. if you bought it from the xbox live marketplace i assume it would be easier.

  • Karolis Makrickas

    It’s not only that Microsoft suck at telling the story; they also suck at maiking a product. How stupid is to say ‘nothign going back to developers’???? So, it’s like they got $60 from me for a game, and they still need more money? F*** U! Create another game and sell it, don’t try to make money everytime I give a game to a friend.

    BTW. I’m so happy, that Apple will move in to console business and Microsoft will disapear :)

  • Ethan Case

    Totally untrue about Steam.

    If I have no internet (which I didn’t have during Hurricane Sandy) I can still boot up steam and play Skyrim (and did so)

    XB1 was not offering that possibility, but they could have if they wanted to. Instead they decided to scrap it all completely.

    ALSO. Skyrim was $60 on steam when it came out. Go to the steam store, you’ll see that ALL the new releases are still $60. Unless you want to wait 6 months to get the game on sale, there is no price difference between Steam and a retail xb360 game.

  • Jeremiah

    Let your voice be heard… Bring back the Cloud

  • Friðrik Vader Jónsson

    so since i live in a country that isnt supported by xbox and the live market has nothing to offer me i should just say fuck it and go buy a ps4? all i do is play games because not living in america or the uk baically makes all those new features like “watching TV” through my xbox, useless?