Microsoft Estimates 500 Million Windows 8 Users In 2013

Speaking at the Seoul Digital Forum, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer commented on their upcoming release Windows 8. He said that it will be the “deepest, broadest and most impactful” Windows software by Microsoft and “It’s really, in some senses, a dawning of the rebirth of MS Windows… It’s certainly the most important piece of work we’ve done,”.  Steve also predicted that there will be around 500 million (Yes, 500 Million) Windows 8 users by the end of 2013. He also added that they expectf Windows 7 sales numbers to reach 350 million later this year which is a pretty great number.

Source: AFP

  • Pierre Venescar

    Great Numbers.

  • Anonymous

    That would be way faster than Windows 7 adoption – it’s just not going to happen. The only things this crazy claim does are 1) give investors an excuse to sue when it doesn’t happen and 2) give the haters another Ballmer claim to point at and laugh.

  • Anthony IamTiger Lee

    It just might… When you consider laptops, web books, e readers, tablets and desktops…

  • Milad Bazzaz

    500 Mio. users? because obviously people within the ecosystem might have more than 1 device…BTW maybe phones are included…:D

  • J A

    Well, without a Windows tablet Win7 comes close, now consider when there is also a tablet offering, that will first erode any notion of the iPad in the enterprise becuase businesses have been waiting for true enterprise tablets as well as users who want to be productive on tablets rather than just watch iTunes and YouTube. I fan see this and more happening.

  • Anonymous

    It’s certainly possible! Given the fact that, at the very least, anyone running Windows 7 may want to try Windows 8, if not on their primary system, then on a secondary one; be it another PC, laptop, tablet, slate, what-have-you! And if it’s priced right (i.e. lower than Win7) then the sky is the limit!! 

  • Anonymous

    possible but sounds exaggerated.  there has been mixed acceptance in regards to win8.