Microsoft Excel Web App Surveys Feature Now Available In SkyDrive

SkyDrive team today announced the availability of the Surveys feature in Excel Web app in Microsoft SkyDrive. Click the Create button in SkyDrive, and then choose Excel survey. You can create questions and share the Survey with your target groups. The Survey creator can look into the items people entered and analyse them in Excel web app or even open it in desktop Excel for more powerful analysis.

Are you going to start using Excel Surveys feature instead of Google Docs?

Source: SkyDrive team blog

  • some1

    Since you ask, i’m not going to start using either of them.

  • Big D

    Yes, I will.

  • gvasvari

    At first glance yes, it seems better to me that gdocs.

    At second glance i noticed a content filter on the surveys which won’t let you collect personal data (if I understand that right). So I’m not sure I’ll use it for collecting my students’ application for one of my courses where I need their name, ID, and email addresses. :-/

  • gvasvari

    that -> than (sorry)

  • Márton

    Unfortunately, while I have been waiting for this for years, I won’t use it either, because it lacks many of the features Google Docs has.