Microsoft Executive: Many Windows Tablets In $100 To $300 Price Range Coming To Market This Year

At Computex, Nick Parker, Microsoft corporate vice president responsible for device partnerships, demonstrated the latest Windows hardware devices which will be available in new lower price points and new markets. For the first time, Microsoft revealed Toshiba’s upcoming 7” Encore tablet that will hit the market with price point below $200.  A Chinese OEM called Emdoor has announced EM-i8080 Windows tablet. This Emdoor EM-i8080 will cost just $100. Speaking to the press after the keynote, Nick revealed that Microsoft will reach price points that are very industry competitive for 7, 8, 10-inch devices.

“They will really surprise you. Last year, we were in the 3s, 4s, 500 dollars. This year, we’ll be 1s, 2s, 3s.”

So, expect lots of Windows based tablets in the price range of $100 – $300 from various OEMs around the world. He also said some Windows Phone smartphones will sell for under $200 in certain markets this year.

Source: WSJ

  • GG002

    Watch how people and reviewers will start bashing $100-300 Windows tablets stating they’re (the tablets) are cheap-ass and not recommend them to anybody. Meanwhile, hampered Nexus tablets and similar, and overpriced web browsers (*cough*chromebook) are praised to the heavens.

    • NGM123

      Agreed, along with most of the losers complaining here, ungrateful ‘glass half empty’ knob jockeys. It doesn’t matter what MS do, they get bashed by friends and foe, losers.

  • LexicoRed

    This is exactly why Microsoft can not succeed at mobile hardware and never will. The typical consumer & business will never spend $1200 on a Surface when they can get 75% of the experience usage for $250.

    Ballmer conceded the high end profits to Apple and low end market share to Android leaving any hardware they make in middle of no man’s land. It time to face the facts and time to give it up.

    The good news is the company still has the talent for creating the software and service for the future’s backbone. Not as fun for a few misinformed supporters but better for Microsoft long term success.

    • Wayne Sebbens

      Because these sub-10″ devices are focused more at the content-consumers (ie those who may be looking at just an iPad or Android tablet) who may occasionally need to do something not much more powerful than word processing (and so have the option of connecting the tablet to a monitor and USB or Bluetooth keyboard and mouse).
      The Surface Pro tablets, meanwhile, are aimed at content creators who desire mobility. There’s a reason why during the announcements Microsoft makes a point of showing that they can edit UHD video, use photoshop, seamlessly migrate virtual machines between tablets, because they’re being targeted as mobile workstations. Good luck trying to do those tasks on a tablet that costs $300 or less.

    • NGM123

      How about a positive post for once in your life douche.

      • LexicoRed

        Again, if this is an example of the post you are requesting from me, I will politely defer.

  • Bugbog

    I think it’s time for LexicoRed to give up. His shambling rants are starting to overtly become contradictory!

    • LexicoRed

      If one can not counter the message then attack the messenger…but I am sorry if my love for MS makes it difficult for me to be another clown in your sycophant parade.

      • NGM123

        If your ‘love’ is how you treat your friends, god help your enemies. How sad to always be so negative and depressing.

    • NGM123

      Agreed, his constant negative posts are such a chore to read I gave up long ago, he must live a sad little life to always be so constantly negative and down.

      • LexicoRed

        Your just projecting your negativity on my post. For no post of mine, unlike many if yours, have ever included request for people to “F” off, suggested racist inferences, nor laced with venom.

        In contrast, I repeatedly speak highly of our new intelligent CEO Nadella and the Board wisdom to promote him, the quality strategic advantage of the companies cross platform products, and the many smart and hardworking employees with in the ranks of the company.

        So if you find my thoughtful understanding that those positives of the Microsoft conflicts with your views of what the company should be, then the future looks to be disappointing for you.

        • NGM123

          Save your breath, I didn’t even bother to read your negative response. Everything you post every time is critical, negative and shows a complete lack of judgement.

          • LexicoRed

            You forgot to swear at me and/or spew some derogatory term, not feeling well sunshine?

  • donzebe

    Bring on the cheapy, it’s been over due.

    • NGM123

      Agreed, products for all points in the market place, MS will never win significant market share staying solely in the iPad zone, this is a brilliant strategy to take the fight up to google and grab a significant piece of the market, good on them.

  • Bchau

    These cheap Win 8 tablet may give Win 8 a bad reputation. In much the same way people complaining about PC when comparing those low cost PCs with the much better spec Macs.