Microsoft Expands Bing Maps Transit Features In Japan

Bing Maps Japan

Microsoft today expanded Bing Maps with greater transit coverage and additional transit-related features in Japan. In this release, they have expanded the number of agencies and routes in Bing Maps. So, you can enjoy transit routes in Japan wherever you go.

Detailed walking directions

Transit can be frustrating when you have a transfer that doesn’t occur at the same station. Getting off of one metro line, going up to the street, and finding where to get your next bus or train can be difficult – especially if you only have a few minutes to make your connection.

Now on Bing Maps, you will see detailed walking instructions between stops and at the beginning and end of your trip. In the screenshot detailing walking directions to Tokyo Tower, you can see guidance about which side of the street to walk on and the locations of crosswalks. You can even see the picturesque shortcut through the park that gets you there faster and with a nice view!

English train and station names

We’ve now extended Bing Maps to include English translations of station names, so that even if you’re a tourist who cannot read Japanese, you will find the right train. Previously, when we provided instructions about which trains to take or which stations to depart from, the only data provided were the names in Japanese.

Source: Bing blog

  • Miguel Mateo

    Then why they do not use their own data in their own apps?

    • flobo

      Because there is no bing map for WP8. What is called Bing Maps on WP8 is still using Here maps.

      There is however a bing map for WP7 with full japan maps.

      • Miguel Mateo

        You just replied the obvious, my question is why ms do not use bing maps data in WP8.x?

        • rommels

          Because until recently, MS is using mapping services from Nokia’s Here Map data. Thus even when you go to, you will see Nokia’s name on the lower right hand side of the map.