Microsoft Expands Surface Pro 3 Marketing Campaign with Web Ads


With Microsoft’s Surface Pro now available, the Redmond software giant has increased their marketing campaign. In addition to airing ads during the World Cup, the company is also running a series of web banners across various websites.


Surface Banner Ad

The first banner contains the familiar tagline “The tablet that can replace your laptop,” and they second takes a subtle dig at the MacBook Air with the text “Lighter than air.”

I’ll admit I rarely see banner ads these days due to having tracking protection lists enabled in IE, but comment below if you have seen these banner ads anywhere. Do you think banner ads are a good use of Microsoft’s marketing resources?

Source: Neowin

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  • PoohGQ

    LOL…tracking protection?? I thought you lot depend on advertising to make money…LMAO…!

  • Tirinti

    Why are they wasting money for advertising something that is not available in stores.

    • tomakali

      Damn Microsoft has never been good in product launch in markets.
      There are 1000s of Nokia Stores in India atleast they should have pushed MS product there