Microsoft Expands Windows 8 Store To 33 New Markets

Today Microsoft announced that they are expanding the Windows 8 Store availability to 33 new markets.

In the next significant preview release of the Windows Store service, we will significantly expand our global coverage. We will add 33 additional app submission locales for developers, bringing our total to 38 supported markets for submitting Metro style apps for Windows 8. We will also expand the number of market-specific app catalogs, from 5 to 26.

In addition we will expand the localization coverage of the pre-release developer portal as well, adding 7 new languages. When we release the next update to the Store service, you’ll be able to submit Metro style pre-release apps in any of 109 languages, as long as the app also includes a version in one of 12 app certification languages (an increase of 7 languages from the Consumer Preview).

Microsoft also said that they will soon detail the changes in Windows Store based on the feedback they got from Consumer Preview version of Windows 8. So far they didn’t mention when this next preview release of Windows Store or Windows 8 will be released, but I expect it in June.

Read more on it here. 

  • Emi Cyberschreiber

    I just wonder what they are going to do with Xbox live stuff. its also important, if you go and get Windows 8 and you dont have Xbox live it will ask you to create one. and if it doesn’t support your country it would suck having to make another live id to get Xbox live or something.

  • Anonymous

    Nice. Also More Apps have arrived in the Store, including Hydro Thunder.

  • Shujjat Shah