Microsoft Exploring Ways To Navigate Windows Using Kinect Gestures


As expected, Microsoft is already exploring the ways to navigate Windows using Kinect gestures. Even though Kinect had a official Windows SDK for a longtime, Microsoft never showed off a way to navigate Windows using air gestures. Today, The Verge revealed that Microsoft Research is already exploring the potential use of it. In this project, you will be mounting a Kinect camera above a desk and it detects a number of gestures above and around a keyboard and mouse.

Microsoft Researcher Abigail Sellen says the following,

“What we don’t want here is Tom Cruise in minority report,”
“What gestures are good at are being very casual, expressive. What they’re not good at is being precise. Touch is good at that, mouse pointer is good at that. We don’t need to do that with gestures.”
“We’re not doing anything precise, and nothing that requires you to hold your hands up for a long time,”

Read more about it from the link below.
Source: The Verge

  • Guest

    MS has really squandered a major opportunity by not doing more with Kinect on PCs. By the time they get around to perfecting this, Leap Motion will own the PC market for camera-based gesture support. Then Apple will pay a dollar fifty for some company we’ve never heard of, implement their tech within six months in the next round of iPads and Macs, claim they invented the concept and the press will declare it “magical”. And we’ll all be left again saying “but MS had this first”.

    • donzebe

      Agreed, The Leap Motion will not come close to Kinect if the guys at Microsoft spend more time working on a project as they spend leaking out the project, they can come out with a Kinect solution for tablets and laptops within 6 months. My Leap Motion has been gathering dust at my desk for sometime now. The Leap Motion is a great idea but not there yet.

    • Norm

      What if Microsoft purchases Leap Motion. This way Apple can’t get there hands on them. MS can perfect the producd for MS 8 & surface. What are your thoughts

      • Guest

        I think they already should have. I said so 6+ months ago when it became clear that even though MS had bought two companies who between them should have enabled the ability to have something similar or better, nothing had come of it. MS should have bitten the bullet then and seen the potential of a Leap-like device to light up W8, especially on non-touch devices, provide a cool marketing differentiator, and generate incremental $ by licensing to OEMs, which is what Leap is doing. Addressing Donzebe’s valid point, they could have added their considerable Kinect and Windows expertise to better optimize the device. But apparently they suffered from NIH, or else decided it’s a gimmick today and needs to mature. The latter is somewhat true, but by then the market will be owned by the person who got it in market today.

  • Yuan Taizong

    Too bad it won’t come for quite some time, well the whole idea of letting the Kinect replace the mouse and keyboard is way more revolutionary than touch, and Windows R.T. is more fit for the Kinect than the desktop so we can see some interesting things develop, also as the same Metro graphical user interface is used for the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One.

    • Bugbog

      As they guy in the video said, Kinect (air gestures) cannot replace touch or mouse; it can only complement them!