Microsoft falls from Kaspersky top 10 as vulnerabilities in Flash and Apple products rise in prominence


With a billion users security has been a top priority for Microsoft for some time now, as evidenced by Kaspersky’s Top 10 list of products with security vulnerabilities, which do not contain a single Microsoft product.

In fact topping the list is Adobe’s Flash, which is rather worrying for an Internet facing application. Similarly Oracle’s Java also presents a significant risk to PCs, as the wave of cross-platform exploits this summer has shown. Next on the list is Apple, with another Internet facing application, Quicktime, which also presents a risk to Windows PCs.

With the Windows OS layer now very well protected, it seems Windows users can protect themselves rather well by uninstalling apps like Flash, Java and Quicktime, a strategy which Microsoft itself promotes in the Metro side of Windows 8.

See Kaspersky’s report “IT Threat Evolution Q3 2012” here.


  • Mr.InTernaTionaL


  • Emi Cyberschreiber

    its sad and funny when people say how insecure Windows is… and virus and malware and blabla. maybe someday they will open the eyes and realize MS is really secure, specially in Windows 8 with MSE/Defender incluided and WinRT.

    of course flash is the only “required” one, until important sites make or apps or change to html5, there is no alternative to flash. IE10 has whitelist (which some people dont like) but i think thats a good decision from Microsoft.

    I hate having Java in my system but my dad needs it to Access his bank (i know i know… its sad they use something so insecure as a login method but anyway).

  • guesttt999

    Microsoft has tightened up its products as far as security is concerned. Windows is so much more secure today than few years back. Windows 8 are perfect for enterprises. Too bad the CIOs and firms stuck with legacy OS like Windows XP or new iCrapple devices don’t realize this and put their corporations at risk everyday!