Microsoft Files Case Against UK Retailer Comet Regarding Windows Piracy

Microsoft today announced that it has issued proceedings against Comet Group UK for involving in Windows Operating System piracy operation. According to Microsoft, Comet has sold more 94,000 sets of counterfeit Windows Vista and Windows XP recovery CDs to its customers.

Microsoft’s statement on this issue,

Microsoft Corp. today issued proceedings against Comet Group PLC for allegedly creating and selling more than 94,000 sets of counterfeit Windows Vista and Windows XP recovery CDs. The alleged counterfeits were sold to customers who had purchased Windows-loaded PCs and laptops.

“As detailed in the complaint filed today, Comet produced and sold thousands of counterfeit Windows CDs to unsuspecting customers in the United Kingdom,” said David Finn, associate general counsel, Worldwide Anti-Piracy and Anti-Counterfeiting at Microsoft. “Comet’s actions were unfair to customers. We expect better from retailers of Microsoft products — and our customers deserve better, too.”

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  • JimmyFal

    Every computer sold has Windows pre-installed on it. So shouldn’t that mean that every time I need to RE-INSTALL Windows on ANY PC that has a Windows sticker on it, and a serial # that I should be entitled to do so, whether or not I have a disc for it or not? Shouldn’t I be able to take ANY Windows disc and install it on any pc as long as Windows came pre-installed on the pc in the first place? Most PC’s today do not come with ANY discs. So when I have to reinstall Windows, we have to purchase discs from the manufacturer, or MS. Why should anyone have to purchase anything, if Windows was legally installed from day one? What’s wrong with THAT picture. I am sure there is some licensing lingo that I do not understand, so please, someone, explain it for me and anyone else reading.

    • Andrewbailey

      Almost every Windows 7 PC sold from a big box store comes without a reinstallation copy on DVD. This allows manufacturers to save a few bucks on every unit. These computers almost universally have the the ability to create a set of recovery DVDs through an application provided by the manufacturer. In most cases this takes between three to six DVDs and several hours with of time and a customer may choose to make them on their own with a set blanks. Chains will offer to create these disks at a cost to guarantee their reliability and save the customer the time or hassle. These disks are often unique and can only be used on the model and brand that created them. I assume this is to help prevent piracy. Its when a customer has hardrive or virus issues and doesn’t have a set made that this becomes costly. Hope that helps a bit. I work at a staples in Canada

  • macsbacer

    Going to be an interesting case this. Microsoft are accusing Comet of issuing counterfeit versions of windows to people who have licenses for the OS. 

    I am sure if comet broke any encryption it would be 100% illegal. If they distributed to  non license holders it would be illegal. The valuable part of windows is the COA not the DVD. It may be the case that Comet are breaking the law, however its likely not leading to any piracy. Also selling machines without a recovery cd/dvd should be made illegal, to do so especially when many of Microsoft’s solutions for common problems uses the recovery cd means the OS is not fit for purpose.