Microsoft Flight Looks Impressive, Will Be Available For Free This Spring

Microsoft Flight team today announced more information about the game and its availability. Microsoft Flight will be available for free this Spring for consumers and will feature visually stunning and realistic representation of the earth, complete with region-specific weather patterns, foliage, terrain and landmarks. Similar to Flight Simulator, Microsoft Flight will also have highly rendered, accurate cockpits and authentic piloting procedures.

 After downloading Microsoft Flight for free, players can jump into hours of exciting gameplay on the Big Island of Hawaii.

In addition, players who sign in to their Games for Windows – LIVE account automatically receive additional free content, including the legendary Boeing Stearman plane, supplementary missions, and access to Achievements and an Online Pilot Profile. Those looking to deepen their experience can purchase and download additional content that adds new aircraft, regions and customization options. The frequently released new content for Microsoft Flight includes daily aerocache challenges and updates that make every flight unique and fun.

More details here. 

  • Afewgwr

    oh NOOOOO. This looks like the year 1995 !!! or is it just a iphone game ? so so far away from good and modern graphic engines, I can´t belive it :( :( :(

    • Impartial

      its free! what are you complaining about! this game is all about the physics and realism of craft behaviour, not pretty graphics…

  • Anonymous

    I’m a little disappointed. Although I’m glad Microsoft Flight is free, I’m a little shocked that it isn’t a full-fledged flight simulator. I hope that there is some sort of “package” we can buy that enables all the same functionalities as previous flight simulators, all regions,… I also hope this new system where it has achievements, and a “locked down” experience,… doesn’t make the use of 3rd party add-ons impossible. I need to be able to use 3rd party aircraft, or things live IVAO,…

    If it doesn’t allow for 3rd party add-ons, I might have to go to X-Plane :(